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Exsys EX-1913
USB 2.0 Flash Memory 128MB
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Nowadays, USB is the most popular interface of Personal Computer, as you can see,
peripherals like mouse, keyboard, web cam, scanner, digital camera…are all migrated to USB
interface. Data storage is also an important application of PC, as the growing needs of mobile
mass storage solution, a revolution product called “USB Disk” which combined USB
interface with mass storage Flash Memory is introduced. It takes the advantage of the
convenience of USB and large capacity of Flash Memory, and become very popular in less
than 2 years. You can store you personal files on USB disk, plug on any computer with USB
interface, than access you files just like access a mobile hard disk. Though USB disk has
large capacity (16MB minimum), its volume is much smaller on contrast to floppy disks and
hard disks.
Product Feature
?? USB (Universal Serial Bus) Interface
?? Hot Plug & Play
?? Low Profile & Steady Design
?? Data Retention up to 10 Years
?? USB bus-powered capability with Lowest Power Consumption
?? Huge Capacity from 16M ~2,048M
?? High Speed Transmission
?? Device Communication Speed up to 12Mb/s for USB 1.1 Models
?? Device Communication Speed up to 480Mb/s for USB 2.0 Models
?? Support Suspend mode and Wake-up Resume
?? Friendly Software Interface
?? Dynamic Partition & Secured Function Support
?? Most popular OS Support
?? Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003
?? Linux Kernel 2.4.18 and later
?? MacOS 8.6 and later.
?? LED indicator for Operation Status

System Requirements
There are minimum hardware and software requirements that must be satisfied to ensure the
product to function properly.
?? Computer Model IBM PC/AT Compatible, Power Macintosh, PowerBook, iMAC
or iBook
?? OS Windows 98 & 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium
Edition (Windows ME), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux
Kernel 2.4 .18 & later, Mac OS 9.0 and later
?? Interface USB
?? Free Hard Disk Space 3 MB and more
?? Windows 98 SE does not support default Mass Storage Driver. You have to install
the driver bundled with the product.
?? The product can use the default driver in most of the OS. If you want to run the
application software bundled with the product, install the vendor driver by the
“Setup.exe” utility. Then, the application software will work properly.
?? The application software only can run with Microsoft Windows OS.
?? However, the U-Storage basic functions can be supported in all OS listed above.
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