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Chronos USB-800
USB Adapter
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This device provides a simple and easy way to connect Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Serial port interface.

With the advantage of USB port, users have the capability to utilize the peripheral with serail port interface in an easy to use environment such as plug and play & hot swap function. This adapter is designed for ideal connections to Cellular Phone, Digital Camera, Modems or ISDN terminal adapter with over 120kbps data transfer rate.

The USB-Serial adapter and software drivers are capable of providing a no-firmware-change feature that enable USB interface to be transparent to serial port peripherals with minimum modifications.

Package Content
• Hardware: USB-Serial adapter DB25, USB type A to type B cable
• Software: USB-Serial driver on CD-ROM
• User’s Manual
Product Features
• USB Specification Rev. 1.1 compliant
• Support the RS232 Serial interface
• Over 120kbps data transfer rate
• Support remote wake-up and power management
System Requirements
• IBM® PC 486DX4-100 MHz CPU or higher or compatible system
• Available USB port
• CD-ROM drive
• Windows® 98, Windows® ME
Driver Installation (WIN98&ME)
Follow the steps below to install Window® 98 and Windows® ME driver of USB-Serial adapter:
1. Power on your computer and make sure that the USB port is enabled and working properly.

2. Plug in the USB-Serial adapter into the USB port and run the Add New Hardware Wizard to assist you in setting up the new device. Click Next to continue.
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