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Chronos USB-200C
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This cable is an active USB extension cable. USB signals going in and out of the extension cable are buffered to assure signal quality and meet of the USB’s electrical and timing specification.
If you use passive cable for the purpose of extension, it will result in signal errors and not recommended.

It allows an USB device to have its cable length extended up to additional 40 or 80 feet by serially connecting 8 or 16 feet cables. This USB Extension Cable acts as a transparent USB hub and buffers all downstream and upstream data traffic. Both low-speed and high-speed USB devices will function equally well with the USB Extension Cable.

Package Content
• Hardware: USB Extension Cable and USB cable A Male to A Female type
• User’s Manual
Product Features
• Active USB Extension Cable, assure good signal quality to meet USB specification
• Extend up to 40 or 80 feet (serially connecting up to 5 segments)
System Requirements
Apple Computer
• I-MAC, G3, G4 or iBook with available USB port
• IBM® PC 486DX4-100 MHz CPU or higher or compatible system
• Available USB port
• Windows® 98SE&ME or Windows® 2000
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