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Sony ICD-BP250
Plug-in for Windows Media Player
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Windows 98-98Se-Me-2000-XP
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The Player Plug-in Version 1.24 for Windows Media Player® software can play the compressed voice files (dvf/msv files) that were recorded by the IC Recorder with Windows Media Player® (Ver. 6.4 or higher).

The following are the minimum requireMents to use the Player Plug-in Version 1.24 for Windows Media Player® program.
- IBM PC/AT or compatible (This program is not compatible with Macintosh.)
- CPU: 266MHz Pentium II processor or higher
- RAM: 64MB or more
- Hard disk space: 5MB or more depending on the size and number of sound files to be stored.
- Sound Board: Sound Blaster 16 compatible
- Display: High color (16bit) or more and 800 x 480 dots or more
- Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 98/98 Second Edition, Windows® Millennium Edition, Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows® XP Professional/HoMe Edition,
- Windows Media Player®: Version 6.4 or higher (The computer must Meet the requireMents for Windows Media Player®)

This program is not for use with Windows® 95, Windows® NT Workstation 4.0.
* MSV file (ICD-MS1 Memory Stick Voice file).
* ICS file (ICD-R100 Sony IC Recorder Sound file).
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