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Mediaforte PCI256-3D EZAudio
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Windows 95-98-NT4
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EzAudio 3.00 Readme File

1. Installation
Run Setup.exe from EzAudio folder to install the EzAudio to your system.

2. How to Use EzAudio

i. Main EzAudio control panel
Click on Power button will close the graphics user interface (GUI).
Click on EzAudio banner on the up middle will show About EzAudio information.
Click on "-" button on the up-right corner will minimize the GUI.
Click on "P" button on the up-right corner will display property dialog box.
Click on CD button will toggle the display of the CD player.
Click on MIDI button will toggle the display of the MIDI player.
Click on Sound button will toggle the display of the WAVE sound player.
Click on Mixer button will launch the audio mixer for adjusting the audio volume.

ii. Property Dialog Box
a. Sound Recording Format
Select the format to recording in the WAVE Sound player.
b. Display EzAudio icon on the Windows taskbar.
Check the button if you want EzAudio icon displayed on the taskbar.
iii. CD player
Use CD player to play audio CD. Click CD-Drive button to check the track list.

iv. MIDI player
Click on the floppy-disk-drive button to select the MIDI files you want to play.

v. WAVE sound player
Click on the type-Drive button to select the WAVE files you want play.
Click on the red record button to record a WAVE file.
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