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MediaVision Sound Pro AudioSpectrum 16 Rev.D
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0 Pro AudioSpectrum 16 Quick Start Installation Program
0 様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
1 Welcome to the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 Quick Start Installation Program.
2 Quick Start installs the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 software and tests your
2 system to ensure it is ready to run your games and applications.
2 Quick Start automatically assigns DMA and IRQ settings for the
2 Pro AudioSpectrum 16 to use, and updates your DOS and Windows
2 system files.
3 If you want to use a directory other than \PROAUDIO to store your
3 software (\PROAUDIO is recommended), press the BACKSPACE key to erase
3 the name shown below and then type the name of the directory.
3 Press ENTER to continue when the new directory name is correct.
4 This is a test of the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 hardware settings.
5 Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to highlight an item and press ENTER
5 to select.
6 Quick Start is now ready to copy files into the directory shown
6 below.
7 Below are the values Quick Start selected for your Pro AudioSpectrum 16.
7 You will hear a test sound each time an IRQ or DMA channel is tested.
8 If you want to change any settings, use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to
8 select and press ENTER. To continue the installation, select 'Complete
8 Changes' and press ENTER.
9 The DMA channel setting was determined by Quick Start avoid possible
9 system conflicts. Select another available DMA channel if you want to
9 change this setting.
10 The IRQ setting was determined by Quick Start to avoid system conflicts.
10 Select another available IRQ if you want to change this setting.
11 If you select YES (recommended), your DOS configuration files -
11 CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT - will be modified. The previous
11 versions of these files will be saved as CONFIG.000 and AUTOEXEC.000.
12 Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys and press ENTER to select a setting.
12 Press ESC to cancel.
13 If you select YES, your Windows configuration files (SYSTEM.INI and
13 WIN.INI) will be modified and the previous versions will be saved
13 as SYSTEM.000 and WIN.000. Also, old Pro AudioSpectrum drivers in
13 your Windows "system" directory will be updated.
14 Installation Information:
15 Quick Start has finished installing your
15 Pro AudioSpectrum 16. Press F3 to exit to DOS,
15 then restart your computer by simultaneously
15 pressing the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys.
16 Unable to perform system test.
17 File Not on Disk...
18 WARNING: The file listed above was not found! The installation is not
18 complete. Press F3 to exit.
19 WARNING: The Pro AudioSpectrum 16 may not be
19 fully installed since you did not
19 choose to update Windows' system files.
20 No changes were made by Quick Start.
21 Error: Unable to copy files. Please run Quick Start
21 from the installation diskette to Install Software.
22 Press to exit.
23 Unable to initialize the Pro AudioSpectrum 16.
23 Please perform the installation again.
23 Is the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 interface card installed in your
23 computer? If so, call Technical Support (800) 638-2807.
24 Insert the disk with MSCDEX.EXE
24 and press
25 The file FILELIST.TXT has an invalid format.
26 Please Insert the Next Disk...
27 This file is required for unarchiving the
27 installation files.
28 Quick Start detects that the directory shown below
28 already exists.
29 Press ENTER to continue.
30 Data Compression provided courtesy of LHARC
30 - Copyright Haruyasu Yoshizaki -
31 If you select YES, the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 files will be
31 copied to the directory you specified.
31 If you select NO, the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 files will NOT be copied.
32 If you select YES, the DMA channel and IRQ settings will be tested.
32 The tests will not be performed if you select NO.
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