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Lenco MXS-9700
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Windows XP
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0629a (Sensaura Library 2135)
0629a.INF : add ecs model 1019&0A52 (lpc model)

0629 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : fix bugs : MPU401 crash system on 37 chip

STEP2.SYS : Add a key called "DisableMPU401XP" in INF file to see if MPU401
should be disabled in Windows XP under the condition
"EnableLegacy = 1 or 3".

0628 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : implement MPU401 as a PCI device interface rather than subdevice

STEP2.SYS : fix the problem that XP HCT failed on driver verifier, it is
due to inappropriate processing on PnP IRP

STEP3.SYS : 1. delete port event notify, because it has bugs in Win2000, WinME, and Win98
2. add 3 dummy mute node to overcome the HCT mixer driver test errors

STEP4.SYS : fix MPU401 failed on KsDirectMusic test

0627 (Sensaura Library 2135)
STEP1.SYS : 1. support Digital Right Management ---> Copy Protect

STEP2.SYS : 1. support Digital Right Management ---> Digital Output Disable
2. delete the support of 11k, 16bit, mono format in DataRangeIntersection

STEP3.SYS : 1. restore the support of 11k, 16bit, mono format in DataRangeIntersection,
since this is not a failure.

STEP4.SYS : 1. Correct some errors in "KsStudio.exe". Remove the functions that support
supermix node. Use WaveFormatExtensible format in DataRangeIntersection.

STEP5.SYS : 1. fix Digital Right Management ---> Digital Output Disable.

STEP6.SYS : 1. Solve the fail in HCT, Wave driver test (close MPU401 and game),

STEP7.SYS : 1. No change, only modify INF file to pass INF checker.

STEP8.SYS : 1. Topology uses multiplexer acrhitecture.
2. Add Microphone gain, range 0dB ~ 12dB. Set by the key, "MicAddGainDB",
in INF file.

STEP9.SYS : 1. Add three volume node (LineIn_WaveIn, Aux_WaveIn, CD_WaveIn) and use port
calss event to notify each other, if any change happens.

STEP10.SYS : 1. Correct the error in driver verifier. The handler of port calss event
must be in non-paged memory.

STEP11.SYS : 1. remove microphone add gain, restore renderer.cpp, and remove helper.cpp.

STEP12.SYS : 1. remove stereo mix volume. when microphone gain = 0dB. do nothing.

STEP13.SYS : 1. remove stereo mix volume.
2. when microphone gain = 0dB. do nothing. (Jhon).

STEP14.SYS : 1. Correct the problem of "forget release dmachannel interface".
The function of this version is the same as STEP10.SYS.

STEP15.SYS : 1. When OS is WindowsXP, 2000, ME, open MPU401 and game.
2. Add a private property "KSPROPERTY_CMAUDIO_MIXER_UI" to indicate
mixer.exe whether the Validity SpdifIn, CopyProtect Buttons should be
shown or not.
3. use new CMnprop.dll, which support interface "ICMAudioProperty2".
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