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Sound Card & Multimedia & MP3
Labway ESS Maestro-1
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98
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Windows95 Driver Version

Date: 2/09/1998

Future driver updates can be downloaded from

platform is a hidden directory.

The followings are the new features and/or improvements in this new

Driver #187 Date: 2/09/98
- Enhanced analog playback/record performance. On ESS' 4-layer reference
board, playback and record SNRs are improved by 4dB, respectively.
- Turn off Reverb/Chorus as default (it was on in previous releases).
- Resolved the footstep sound missing issue at the game Jedi Knight when
the "3D Accelerator" is checked in the Display Setup.
- Add an option to turn off joystick support in DOS and Windows. This is
needed to avoid legacy resource conflict with some special joystick
like Thrustmaster's CH-F16 Combat Stick, which comes with an ACM card
with 2 joystick ports. Joystick could be disabled by following the
prcedure below:
1) In the file MAESTRO.INF, Joystick support is disabled by uncommenting
the following line:
HKR,,JoyDisable,1,01,00 ; disable joystick in DOS & Windows.
;HKR,,JoyDisable,1,01,00 ; enable joystick in DOS & WIndows.
2) Use the "setup.exe" utility to uninstall driver and reboot.
3) Driver is reinstalled and the new MAESTRO.INF file will be loaded.
4) Joystick support is disabled.

Driver #185 Date: 1/30/98
- Resolved missing sound issue when the "A3D Enable Mode" is checked
in the game "Jedi Knight" 1.0.
- Resolved driver installation issue at Videologic's Caliban combo card.
- Resolved clicking sound issue at the game "TigerShark".
- Resolved clicking sound issue at the game "SimCopter 1.01.

Driver #181 Date: 1/21/98
- Support 4Meg wavetable samples. The default WT sample size is 2MB
during boot-up. The user can then dynamically change to 4MB samples
by going through Control Panel | System | Device Manager | Maestro
Wave/Wavetable Synthesis Devices | Audio Settings sequence.
NOTE: system reboot may be required when 4MB is chosen in order to
request 4MB system memory space from the OS.

- Enhanced Q3D 3D positoinal game coverage and support for A3D
API interface.

- Flexibility to customize label name in the mixer volume control
in MSTROWT.INF file. The instructions are listed below.

- Support ViA 82C586B chipset with TDMA mode.

- Add PC Beep volume control in the mixer volume control.

The followings are the known limitations or issues.
These issues are planned to be resolved in future releases.

- There is noise in some MIDI playback when the reverb/chorus effect is
on (Bach's Bradenburg Concerto # 3.mid).

- Rebooting system with Chorus & Reverb enabled causes noise
when the system returns to Windows (intermittenly).

- For systems with SiS chipsets 5582, 5597 or 5598, legacy DOS games
in native DOS mode are not fully supported by Maestro due to the
limitation in these single-chip SiS chipsets, which don't support
Distributd DMA, PC/PCI DMA or Transparent DMA.

- The Rage3D digital joystick from ThrustMaster is not compatible
to this driver/hardware.
Sound Card & Multimedia & MP3
Labway ESS Maestro-1
Operating Systems
Windows NT4
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File Name
Maestro-1 NT 4.0 driver

Ver 4.00.02

Features supported in this revision:
- Wavein, waveout
- Mixer panel
- MPU401 In/Out
- OPL3

Also this revision is already passing the ACT test
and is planning to be submitted for WIn97 logo certification.

Features not supported in this revision:
- Wavetable synthesis
- Plug-and-Play Installation
- Full-Duplex

Known Issues:
- none.
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