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KingByte Music Drive Deluxe 2.0
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Windows 98-98Se-2000
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1. Introduction -------------------------------------------------------- 2
1.1. About the MusicDrive Deluxe II ------------------------- 2
1.2. Features and Specification ------------------------------- 3
2. How to use the Device------------------------------------------ 4
2.1. Install / Replace the battery ------------------------------ 4
2.2. Definition of the Key and Operations------------------- 5
A. MP3 mode---------------------------------------------------------- 7
A.1. LCD display ------------------------------------------------- 7
A.2. Operations -------------------------------------------------- 8
B. DVR mode---------------------------------------------------------- 13
B.1. LCD display ------------------------------------------------- 13
B.2. Operations--------------------------------------------------- 14
C. FM mode------------------------------------------------------------ 16
C.1. LCD display ------------------------------------------------- 16
C.2. Operations--------------------------------------------------- 16
D. USB mode---------------------------------------------------------- 17
E. Status LED --------------------------------------------------------- 18
F. Battery Usage ----------------------------------------------------- 19
G. Driver Installation ----------------------------------------------- 20
Important Notices --------------------------------------------------- 22
Warnings --------------------------------------------------------------- 22

1. Introduction
1.1 About the MusicDrive Deluxe II
MusicDrive Deluxe II is more than a MP3 Player. It combines MP3/WMA
Player with FM tuner, Digital Voice Recording (DVR) and it becomes a
removable hard drive when it plugs into the computer via USB 2.0 port. In
addition, it has SD/MMC memory card slot so that it can expand memory
space by flash memory cards.
With the long-lasting AAA (Alkaline), it is so convenient that you can
take our MusicDrive Deluxe II wherever you go without driver installation
in most of computer environments.
A special short embedded USB cable design, users will never forget
carrying the cable when he/she needs to connect to the computer
A 96x32 dots blue backlight LCM on top case can show song title,
singerís name, mode, EQ, FM channels, etc information even in a dark
As long as the device remains in MP3 mode it will remember the last
song you were playing. When you press play (even after changing the
battery) key, it will start playing the last song you were listening to
If you switch to USB mode, the memory will be cleared and the playback
will start from the beginning of the play list.
As long as the device leave the FM mode, it will remember the last
channel you were playing. When you enter the FM mode again, it will
start playing the last channel you were listening to.
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