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Sound Card & Multimedia & MP3
Keydata Keynote 9880 N356S1
Audio Driver
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-Me-NT-2000
Size Driver
File Name
To install Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/Win2000/WinXP drivers, please run SETUP.EXE in this directory;
To uninstall Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/Win2000/WinXP drivers, please run Control_Panel->
Add/Remove_Program->SiS Audio Driver

To install drivers for other O.S, please see README file under each
driver directory.

SETUP.EXE Automatically installs WDM or VxD driver for Windows 95/98 base on
the O.S version:
-WDM driver is installed for Windows 98SE and
-VxD is installed for Windows 98OEM (first edition, 4.10.1998) and
Windows 95.

To force installing VxD driver for Windows 98SE, please run
"SETUP.EXE -vxd" using Windows Start->Run
To update the driver, just run SETUP.EXE directly. SETUP will overwrite
the old driver with the current one.
Setup Switch Description

You can run "Setup -sw" for desired operation. For example,
run "Setup -s" for silent installing driver.
Or add a line "CmdLine=-s" in the [Startup] section of file Setup.ini
then just run Setup without any switch.
The switches are

force installing VxD driver on Windows 98SE;

install AudioRack;

silent install, *NOTE* this switch should be put as the last one

Win2000/WinXP Setup Limitation
Please do not use SILENT INSTALL after remove audio device. Please restart computer after remove audio device then doing silent install.

Play .mid file under NT4/VxD
-1.Download DLS or SF2 file from WWW
-2.Use SiSAudUt.exe for NT4 drivers to set it's midi sample file(DLS or SF2)
-3.If you want to change midi sample file, repeat step 1 and 2
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