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Keydata Keynote 7080
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Windows 2000
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Logfile for WDM driver
Sep 11, 00 v5.35
Add new GUID and new pin for WAVEOUT-SPDIF, this fix mixer problem with WindowsMe.
The PCspk volume can work now too.

Sep 09, 00 v5.34
Add a method to detect OS version.
I think the mixer problem has been solved by replacing supermix with mute.

Sep 07, 00 v5.33
Add PCspk mute, however, this make PCspk volume adjustable by mixapp only.
Rewrite the way master mute work.

Sep 04, 00 v5.32
SX doesn't have SPDIF interface.
Connect/Disconnect ISR in PowerChangeState().

Aug 29, 00 v5.31
Remove unused code in mixer.
Remove MIDI node, which is only useful for FM, which is not supported in WDM driver.
Now the .INF file can support legacy devices support based on DeviceId and VendorId.
Reorder the controls of mixer.

Aug 17, 00 v5.30
Use EnableLegacy to decide to enable legacy devices or not.
Fix bug that read Aux volume as 0.
Fix bug that doesn't handle WAVEOUT_WAVEIN_MUTE basic support.

Aug 12, 00 v5.29
Fix the disabler hang in Win2k.
Fix the wave volume disappear bug by adding MIDI back.
Remove FILTER to pass KS audio precision test.

Aug 10, 00 v5.28
Fix the WindowsMe cannot use MPU-401 as MIDI-in and MIDI-out in the
same time bug.

Aug 09, 00 v5.27
Remove unused pins and nodes of topology.
Change SPDIF-out category. (Fix Me show SPDIF-out first)
Add Aux volume get handling.
Legacy devices not enabled for WHQL testing.

Aug 03, 00 v5.26
Limit frequency to 44100 to pass HCT test for NO3D.

Jul 26, 00 v5.25
The i810 chipset disable PCI device before disconnect ISR (it never) when power down.
Now the ISR will need to check the power state before IRQ check.

Jul 25, 00 v5.24
Fix the recording problem by use proper parentheses.

Jul 21, 00 v5.23
DRM test hang fixed.

Jul 19, 00 v5.22
Recording works again.

Jul 07, 00 v5.20
Use channel 0 for record and channel 1 for play on 8738-038.
Enable Sensaura 3D functions for 8x38, but it cannot record now.

Jun 22, 00 v5.10
Add 4 channel and line-in as rear-out controls.
Merged with DDK build 2195.

May 07, 00 v5.04
Fix the aux volume left/right swapped bug.

Apr 21, 00 v5.02
The MasterMute can be saved in registry for 8x38 now.
The MasterVolume can be updated whenever master muted or not.
Sound Card & Multimedia & MP3
Keydata Keynote 7080
Sound Driver
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98
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File Name
PCI Audio Applications Release Note

ver 2.36 08/14/2000
1. Audio Rack 98: Modify for WDM driver and add ECHO function into the Mixer.
2. Multi-Channel Audio Demo: Add wave format extensible feature for WDM driver.

ver 2.35 08/03/2000
1. Audio Rack: CD Player can use CD-DA to playback.

ver 2.34 04/25/2000
1. Audio Rack: Add French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

ver 2.33 03/28/2000
1. Audio Rack: Add Simplified Chinese language.
2. MP3 Player: Add Pause function when recording.

v2.32 03/22/2000
1. Win95/98 applications four speakers demo changes its name to be Multi-Channel Audio Demo
and adds EAX, HRTF, and Echo demostrations.

v2.31 03/10/2000
1. Four speakers demo program add second demo music.

v2.3 03/04/2000
1. Mixer modify PC-SPK item name to mono-in.
2. MP3/wave player support EAX sound effect,equalizer and surround effect in 44.1K 16bit format.
3. Support KARAOKE functions in 44.1K 16bit format.
4. Support MPEG-1 VCD playing for KARAOKE purpose including auto singing,pitch up/down and music only mode.

v2.24 01/27/2000
1. Fix CD player LED light do not flash while playing.

v2.23 01/15/2000
1. Adding info for Windows Korean version.
2. Fix mute problem when CD-audio playing by CD-ROM front panel.
3. Mixer panel refresh and status reading modified to improve performance.
4. DirectX update to v7.0 in Win95/98/98SE.
5. Mixer restore values read from external file.
6. The mixer line-in item Grey not disappear when four speakers on in 3 phonejack model.

v2.22 12/09/99
1. Mixer add large window mode for TV disaply. (It can switch between small and large window.)
2. Mixer add default master volume and four speakers status setting functions.

v2.21 11/23/99
1. Adding Chinese info for Windows Chinese version.
2. The MP3/wave player show file detail when click mouse right button in the file name window.

v2.2 11/10/99
1. Adding Japanese info for Windows Japanese version.
2. Adding SPDIF copyright and validity detection in the mixer advance controls.
3. Optional product name and install path.
4. The play list of MP3/wave player can open during playing.

v2.14 11/04/99
1. The four speakers demo change background picture for easily controlling.
2. The iconic mixer remove right click on mouse button functions.
3. The mixer remember volume balance status.
4. The mixer advance controls add restore default mixer values function.
5. The mixer SPDIF-in sampling rate(44.1/48K) selection deleted, only display current input sampling rate.

V2.13 10/21/99
1. The four speakers demo program add auto play mode.
2. The CD player fix problem that can not change CD-ROM disk drive after play list closing.
3. The CD player also fix problem that error occurred when no CD in CD-ROM drive and play list opening.
4. The rockwar demo program fix sound can not close problem after quit from program.

V2.12 10/06/99
1. Remove rockwar demo program.

V2.11 10/04/99
1. Search APs source files in harddisks. Ask for sources path if no sources found.
2. Do not install APs when APs installed already.
3. Backup Windows/DOS drivers into harddisk.
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