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Single-page manual describes connection to USB port and key features. Note: The MIDI SONIC 2x2 requires no driver installation. Connection to USB Port
Simple but versatile, MIDI SONIC 2X2 offers 32 MIDI output channels via 2 MIDI output port and 32 MIDI input channels via 2 MIDI input port in one simple adaptor cable that connects to the USB port of your computer.
MIDI SONIC 2X2 is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and rugged enough for any outdoor mobile adventure.
Key features
MIDI SONIC 2X2 is a convenient 2 in 2 out, 32 channels USB MIDI Interface for PC and Mac computer. With MIDI SONIC 2X2, you can obtain perfect MIDI timing at an extremely affordable price.
2 in 2 out MIDI (32 MIDI channels)
Perfect MIDI timing
High-speed connection to USB-equipped PC or Macintosh computers
MIDI-activity indicators
USB-powered; requires no external power supply
Convenient cable type
Extremely compact size : 83(W) X 52(D) X 28 (H) mm
Support for Windows XP and Mac OS 10.X
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