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Guillemot MaxiSound fortissimo Soundkarte
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Windows 2000
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Maxi Sound Fortissimo driver Windows 2000(V2225)

Driver Installation
1. Boot up Windows2000.
2. After turning on the system, Windows2000 begins loading and starts detecting new hardware which installed on the system.
3. When Windows2000 detects a new presence on the system, it will search new drivers in its driver database automatically.
4. When Windows2000 recognizes the new sound card presence from its database, it will install drivers for this presence from its driver database and will not require from user.
5. If Windows2000 does not recognize the new sound card presence from its database, the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box displays. Windows2000 built-in, compatible drivers for Digital XG Windows2000 will install built-in, compatible drivers for Digital XG, then makes changes to the system settings
and adds new hardware components in Device Manager. Yamaha YMF744 5-1 Hardware components.
a. YAMAHA Native DS1 WDM Driver.
b. YAMAHA Legacy DS1 WDM Driver.
c. Game port for Yamaha DS1
5-2 Driver Version : 5.0.2184(Microsoft)

Upgrade Drivers
To upgrade windows2000 drivers, please complete with the following installation procedures.
1. Boot up Windows2000.
2. Go through My Computer->Control Panel->Sounds and Media->Hardware page.
3. For all Hardware Components( listed for each model above), click Properties button and Select driver page.
4. Click Update driver button and go through the upgrade procedures.
1. During upgrade procedures, some warning messages might popup.
1-1 Downgrade warning.
Some driver files in WDM driver patches are shared for both Windows98(4.10.X) and Windows2000(5.0.X) OS system, please ignore this message.
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