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Install Xear 3D technology driver:
* OS Support :Win98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP
* System recommended:use Intel Pentium III or AMD K6 500 CPU above
* At least 64 MB RAM (Win98SE) or 128MB RAM (WinME, Win2000 and WinXP)
* At least 50 MB hard disk space
* Support direct sound 3D
Note :
Before users install Xear 3D sound audio driver, they must make sure
that USB Multi-media Sound Device have connected to PC system already.
If your PC system has more than one USB connecting port, please remember
which one is connected for install, and next time when you plug this USB
Multi-media Sound Device to PC, you have to plug the same port for initialize
the Xear 3D driver.
Driver Installation Step:
1:Turn on PC system and connect USB Multi-media Sound Device to PC system.
2:Insert Installation CD on your CD-ROM or DVD ROM, the program will pop up auto run information. Choose the correct NO. to install.
If appear this following error, please Plug-In the Audio Adapter, then you can install.
3:Please follow up the set up procedure and click “Next” button to continue
4:You can Select install driver only or both driver and demo program then click “Next” to continue installation. The demo program includes a simple helicopter and Rock shooting for 3D sound.
5:Set up will install USB audio kit to default path and folder.
6:If your System is Win XP, you may see a dialog box asking you about windows logo issue, please click “Continue Anyway” to complete installation. And set up program will continue install.
7:While program is running to install driver it’s may take a little time.
8:When set up program complete installation system will need to restart to initialize the driver.
9:After reboot and system running up again, you can see a small icon on right down of screen. You can click it to open Xear 3D Sound driver functions for control.
Note :If your PC system has more than one USB port, you can just plug USB Personal Multi-media Device to any USB port. If this connect is right that driver will detect device and show a task bar on the bottom right side of the screen to guiding you which port is correct.
When this USB sound icon was showing, it’s mean Gamtec Xear3D sound driver
was initialed and working now. If your USB port was more than one and you forgot
which one was installed Gamtec Xear 3D sound driver, this icon was mean you are connecting to the right port.

Sound Environment Set Up
USB 2CH speakers and headphone set
User Interface and Function Control

1.Analog Output:turn on this button then can select analog output channels mode.
2.Analog Output channels Mode:Earphone, 2CH, 4CH, 6Ch and 8CH for selected.
3.Digital Output:turn on this button then can select SPDIF Out data format.
4.Digital Output Mode:Dolby RTCE, PCM for selected.
5.Audio Jack Connected Display
6.DSP Mode:pull down to select different DSP Mode. (Default support Xear 3D)
7.Virtual SPEAKER SHIFTER:can open SPEAKER SHIFTER windows for control.
(For detail information see the next page)
8.Digital Volume Control:can open each channel to adjust digital volume. (For detail
information see the next page)
9.Channel Display & Speaker Test:can show analog output channel status and
directly click speaker graphic can do sound testing.
10.Auto Sound Test:can auto testing every channel sound effect.
11.Stop Auto Sound Test:can stop auto testing.
Main Setting
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