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Diamond SoNic Impact S90
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-NT-Dos
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This installation CD-ROM provides a central location for all drivers,
applications, and other support files required by the Sonic Impact A3D
product. This CD-ROM is organized into subdirectories, each containing
the specific revision of files to support a particular operating system.
For additional operating system specific information regarding the
installation and operation of Sonic Impact A3D, please refer to the
readme.txt file in the appropriate subdirectory.

The Sonic Impact s90 drivers included in this download are named
Sonic Impact A3D to reflect the 2nd generation of the Original Sonic
Impact Product line. The Sonic Impact A3d drivers are based on the
Aureal Vortex 1 chipset and drivers.

Hardware Installation Instructions
1. Make sure the power is off to your PC.

2. Open the computer chassis and find an available PCI slot.

3. Remove the back plate from the free slot and save the screw.

4. Place the Sonic Impact A3D card into the PCI slot.

5. Secure the card to the chassis by tightening the screw.

6. Replace the computer chassis.

7. Power up your system and allow the operating system to boot.

8. For instructions on installing the software and drivers, please
refer to the readme.txt file found in the subdirectory for your
particular operating system.

Software Installation Instructions
If you HAVE NOT yet installed your Sonic Impact A3D drivers or software,
follow these instructions:

1. Be sure you hardware is properly installed before proceeding. See
the Hardware Installation Instructions above.

2. Follow the installation instructions located in the readme file
for the particular operating system you are using. When prompted
for the installation files, be sure to enter the path to this
installation image.

Software Upgrade Instructions
If you HAVE previously installed the Sonic Impact A3D drivers and
software, follow these instructions:

1. Run the Setup program located in the root of this install image.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your Sonic Impact A3D
drivers and software.
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