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Cowon COWON mTrans
Operating Systems
Windows 2000-XP-2003
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Before Use
1. Please update the current with the latest firmware provided by
2. You must install the printer according to the onscreen instructions before you can use COWON mTrans properly.
3. An application program that is capable of opening and running the converted format must be installed on the PC before you can use COWONmTrans to make the file conversion (ex: Adobe Reader for PDF conversion).
4. Image Book only supports JPG, BMP (24 bit).
5. CSD is not the conversion mode that recognizes the full screen as an image, but one that memorizes font and outline data of tables so it will enhance the quality in zooming in/out, whereas if the screen has an abnormal amount of text on it, the conversion and loading rates will be seriously deteriorated.
6. A lagged playback or cut-off sound in simultaneous playback of multiple files may occur, depending on the conversion quality of COWON mTrans.
7. COWON mTrans is available in Windows 2000/XP/2003.
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