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Aztech Sound Galaxy Basic Audio 16A
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me
Version Driver
Size Driver
File Name
Sound Galaxy Basic Audio 16 V2.00
This file contains additional information and changes about the
various software that was not available at printing time.
Windows'31/Windows'95 Mixers
The generic version of Window's Mixer for Windows3.1/Windows95 is still
not ready yet. In order for this software to support mixing functions
under both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, we have include both copies of
mixers for Win31 as well as Win95 in this release of software. Therefore,
if you are running under Windows3.1, you should make use of the 'Win31
Mixer', else select 'Win95 Mixer' when you are running under Windows95
Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX.EXE)

The above file is needed for operation of CD-ROM drives under the DOS
environment. This file is only bundled with DOS version 6.x. Therefore,
if you are using DOS version 5, please contact your local Microsoft's
dealers for a copy of MSCDEX.EXE.
CD-ROM Drives Support

The sound card supports the following CD-ROM drives:

Brand Models
--------- -----------------------------
Mitsumi - Model LU005S and FX001D
Sony - Model CDU31A and 33A
Aztech - Model CDA268-01A
CD-ROM Device Driver

Sony CDU-31A/CDU-33A and Mitsumi LU005S/FX001D CD-ROM drivers are
not bundle in the software utility disk. These drivers will come
together with the CD-ROM drive that you had purchased.

The bundled CD-ROM device drivers supports only the following drive:

Driver CR-ROM Model
--------- -----------------------
SGCD268.SYS - Aztech CDA268-01A
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