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FaxWork 3.0 - Known Issues

"Message Retrieval..." and "Record Memo..." functions in the FaxWork's
"More" option does not work well under Win3.1x and Win95 with "Answer
Call" disabled in the Voice Setup option. Currently, it is required to
enable the "Answer Call" option found in the Voice Setup menu for proper
operation of these functions.


The current default factory setting for the Telephony Board's Modem Port
is at COM Port 1 (3F8) and Interrupt 4. However, these settings may easily
conflict with the existing configuration used in your system (e.g. COM1).
Please refer to Page B~3 in the User Manual on how to re-configure the
Modem Port to COM 3 (3E8) and Modem Interrupt to IRQ 11 using the jumper
located in JM1, JM2 and MODEMIRQ accordingly. The Installation Software
have been modified to install the Modem Port using these new COM 3 settings.

Installing under Windows 95

When installing the Audio Telephony software under Windows 95, please
ensure that you are running the installation Software from the diskettes
itself and do not run it from the hard drive.

The default software setting for the modem port on the Telephony Board is
at COM Port 3 (3E8) and is using Interrupt 11. If these settings conflict
with your existing configurations in the system, please refer to the user
manual for changing the Modem Port to a conflict free setting via jumpper

Note : Please switch off the system power supply prior to the changing of
the board's configuration settings.

You need to register this new COM Port setting to Windows 95 system
by simply double click on the applet in the Control
Panel menu. Next, click at the button and Win95 will prompt "Do
you want Windows 95 to search for your new hardware..". Select "Yes"
and proceed the searching by clicking the button again. Upon
completion, Windows 95 will prompt you to restart system to take effect
of the new COM Port setting.
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