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Aztech AZT-2320
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me
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CD-ROM Drive Support

The bundled CD-ROM device driver supports only on the following drives:

Driver CD-ROM Model
------ ------------
SGIDECD.SYS - Aztech CDA268-03I / CDA268-03ISE / CDA468-01I /CDA668-01I
Installation on Win3.1x Platform
On Windows 3.1x Operating System, choose 'Run' from the 'File' menu. Insert
the Audio Installation Disk#1 into Drive A: (or Drive B:) and change the path
to A:\setup (or B:\setup). For more details, you can refer to the Easy Start
Installation on Windows 95 Platform
Start up Windows 95 Operating System. Choose 'Run' from the 'Start' menu and
insert the Audio Installation Disk#1 into Drive A: (or Drive B:) and change
the path to 'A:\setup.exe' (or B:\setup.exe) and click OK to install the
audio drivers as well as the application software.
Upgrading from Win3.x to Win95 platform
If you have set up your audio card on a Win3.x platform and want to upgrade
to Windows 95, remember to remove the audio drivers by doing a deinstallation
first. For more details, you can refer to the Appendix section in the User's
Cards with 3D function
If your card has 3D function, after installing SETUP or restarting from
Windows, you can activate the 3D function by clicking on the '3D' button
which is located on the audio mixer.
For Windows 3.x, the mixer can be found in the program group formed after
For Windows 95, the mixer can be found under the group name formed after
installation. This is in turn located under 'Programs' in the 'Start' menu.
The '3D' function can also be activated through the Microsoft Volume Contorl
Panel. This can be done by clicking on the default Microsoft 'Speaker' icon
located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose 'Options' and then
'Advanced Controls' from menu. Click on the 'Advanced' button and the 3D
sound effects can be chosen.
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