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Aztech 2320 PnP Ide Controller Device
Operating Systems
Windows 3.1-95-98-98Se-Me
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SG Pro 16III - 3D PnP Sound Card version 2.00
This file contains additional information and changes about the
various software that was not available at printing time.
Updated Windows 95 Audio Drivers

These drivers are included under the sub-direcotry {\UPDATE} in Disk#1.
The drivers now support Full Duplex Operation, Windows Direct-X Sound,
as well as enhancements in Window's mixer controls.

To install the drivers, simply copy all the files from the Disk #1
directory {\UPDATE} over to the Disk #1's ROOT directory. Next, run
"A:\SETUP from Disk #1 to complete the software installation. You
need to restart the system to take effect of the changes after the

Note : This new driver has not passsed Microsoft Windows Hardware
Quality Labs (WHQL) logo testing.
Intel DOS Configuration Manager DWCFGMG.SYS

Please note that on certain 486/Pentium machines with Phoenix BIOS
(PnP release 1.1A), if the EMM386.EXE specified with RAM or NOEMS option is
loaded together with the Intel DOS Configuration Manager DWCFGMG.SYS in the
CONFIG.SYS file, the system will reboot by itself upon startup. Please remove
any parameters if encounter this problem.
Installation on Win3.1x Platform

For installing the audio drivers on Win3.1x, please run the ISA Configuration
Utility (ICU) first. The ICU helps to determine a working configuration that
does not conflict with other cards in the system. You can refer to the Easy
Start Manual for more details.

On Windows 3.1x Operating System, choose 'Run' from the 'File' menu. Insert
the Audio Installation Disk#1 into Drive A: (or Drive B:) and change the path to a:\setup (or
b:\setup). For more details, you can refer to the Easy Start Manual.
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