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Auzentech VR-Fidelity
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Windows 2000 Pro-XP Home-Professional (SP1-SP2)
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Release information:
Version: 1
Download Size: 27.8 mb When using the VR-Fidelity for the first time, please install the driver utility
program from the included CD. Noise may appear during your first installation,
It is normal. It happens only once and fades after completing installation. Then
attach it to any USB port on your computer.
Before you start any application, e.g., Skype, please make sure that
VR-Fidelity is correctly attached to the USB port and the driver installed.
Quality of Internet communication depends on various factors,
including communication devices ( such as VR-Fidelity or headset with echo
cancellation technology), network bandwidth, and communication
software in-use. VR-Fidelity is NOT designed to improve the network bandwidth
or software communication technology.
Recording Software is not recommended to be used with this device.
It is NOT recommended that you use many USB devices simultaneously.
Your operating system will inform you when power is insufficient.
If you cannot hear any sound from VR-Fidelity, please check to make sure
your computer volume is not set too low. Also adjust VR-Fidelity's volume
wheel to a higher volume setting.

Zipped download file includes PDF Manual and .exe file
Configuration utility is optional and only compatible with the Windows versions listed above.
User testing has verified VR-Fidelity compatibility with MacOS and Windows Vista. Manual configuration may be required using OS audio control panels.
Config Utility is same as supplied with the product.
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