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AUDIOTRAK USB MIDI driver 1.0 Installation
1. Windows XP/2003
Just plug the USB device, and run MIDIMate.exe. It's the Auto installation.
2. Windows 2000/ME
Don't plug the USB device before install the driver. Otherwise, your system will be automatically
1) Unplug the USB device from your system.
2) Run XPMIDIMate.exe. Click ‘Yes’ and follow the instruction.
With Windows 2000 and XP installations, a message might appear stating “The software has not
passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP.” Though the message
appeared, the driver is completely tested and verified by Audiotrak and is safe to use. You can ignore
the message and just click ‘Yes’.
3) After finishing the driver installation, plug the MIDI Mate to your computer.
In the case of Windows 2000, you may see this message again. Simply ignore the message and just
click ‘Yes’.
* In some case of Windows 2000, after rebooting your computer, you may find this message again.
Just ignore and click ‘Yes’.
After installation, go to ‘My computer -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager’.
Check the devices under ‘Sound, video and game controllers’. See if the ‘MIDI Mate by
AUDIOTRAK’ is installed correctly.
4) Go to ‘My computer-> Console -> Sounds and multimedia Properties -> MIDI tab. Select MIDI
Mate as your playback device.
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