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The followings are new Features and Bug Fixes since Revision

- New Treble & Bass controls and enhanced Reverb and Chorus.
NOTE: Because of this new feature, the current AudioRack
version 3.00 will NOT work the driver 165 in its effect
panel. Customer needs to get the latest AudioRack P3.01
from the FTP or from ESS.

- New 2MB wavetable sample set (21019012.img & plat2meg.dll,
dated on 9/24/97) with an order of magnitude improvement
over the old one.

- New support for TDMA/DDMA/PCPCI selection. Driver will check
the GPIO[1] settings for the DMA setting. This is mostly used
for MB customers.

- Fixed the noise issue in MIDI playback when Chorus is enabled.

- Fixed the driver install issue with error message "Fatal
Exception Error" in non-OSR2 Windows at 430TX MB.

- Fixed the 44.1K/16/Stereo recording with PT-101 codec.

- Improved Memory allocation scheme to eliminate the occasional
reboot request in a system with 16MB or less memory.

- New setup.ins file to fix "upgrade/uninstall" issue in
the setup.exe utility.

- New to fix boot-up issue in a system with Phoenix
BIOS and 440LX chipset.

- Support native joystick driver on WHQL Logo mode driver.

- Fixed recording issue during suspend/resume in Windows APM

- For bridge customers, fixed an performance issue with 430VX


- The driver 165 release will NOT work with the old AudioRack
3.00 due to the new effect feature Treble & Bass. Please get
the latest AudioRack P3.01 from the FTP for full support on the
new Effects.
- To upgrade or uninstall the driver automatically, please use
the "setup.exe" utility in the driver release.
- To change the "DOS Game" support level, please use the "setup.exe"
utility in the driver release.
- Two flags are added in the INF files as default options to enable or
disable game supports in Real_Mode_DOS and/or in DOS Box. In
this release, both flags are enabled as default. These two flags
need to be disabled for PC97 logo certification.
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