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Digital Audio Driver for Windows NT(tm) 3.51 and 4.00

PLEASE NOTE: To Install any new version of this driver, you MUST remove the old driver, restart Windows NT, then Add the new driver back in. This is because the AntexWAV.DLL file is hooked into the system and must be unhooked before it can be overwritten. The AntexWAV.DLL file contains all the DSP code so it must be matched to the version of AntexWAV.SYS installed on the system or the driver will not function correctly.

CAKEWALK Users should note that Cakewalk 3.0 has been tested with the StudioCard and Midi playback and record work as expected. Cakewalk 4.0 Midi playback and record also worked as expected, however Cakewalk 4.0 has a problem with Windows NT and will not playback or record Digital Audio correctly. Cakewalk 4.01 does correct this problem and is the only version of the software that will support Digital Audio and Midi on Windows NT. Cakewalk 4.5 and 5.0 both will not work with Windows NT (they report a illegal instruction was executed in MIDIMAP.DLL). Twelve Tone Systems has been notifed of these problems.

SAWPLUS Users should note that older versions of SawPlus did not support standard Windows Midi devices therefore Midi will not work with the StudioCard. You should contact IQS to get the latest version that supports standard Windows Midi devices.
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