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Installation procedure for the windows 95 driver, for the
miroSOUND PCM12 card.

1. (This step only needs to be done if other sound card drivers
have ben installed previously) Delete the
\windows\inf\oem?.inf files associated with the other sound
card drivers. In the Control Panel | System | Device
Manager, remove any installed drivers listed under "Sound,
video and game controllers".

2. Reboot or restart your computer. As Windows 95 restarts,
you may see a window explaining that windows is "Building
Driver information database".

3. A window will show "New Hardware Found", miroSOUND PCM12,
and ask where the driver should be copied from. Select
"Driver from disk provided by hardware manufacturer", and
"OK". When it asks "Install From Disk", select "A:\" and

4. Windows 95 will copy the driver and -.inf files onto the
hard disk. Next, Windows 95 will find a joystick, mpu-401
controller, and master controller. For each item, an
installation window should appear, which says at the bottom:
"Windows has found new hardware and is installing the
software for it".

5. You will be able to tell that the driver is installed
because a speaker horn will show on the task bar adjacent to
the time, because you will be able to play sounds using the
"Sounds" item on the Control Panel, and because under the
System item on the Control Panel, you will be able to run
the Device Manager and see that there is a Sound System
driver, and a Master Controller driver available under
"Sound, video and game controllers". Other characteristics
of a correct installation are the 9 section mixer panel and
a "settings" tab under the master controller in the device

6. To have the 1845 card run in full duplex mode, two DMA
channels are required. The resource setting for two
channels may need to be done manually under the device
manager, since the PNP ROM in the OPTI 924 chip rates the
one DMA channel and two DMA channel settings as equal
priority. For the dual dma setting to take affect, the
system must be rebooted. Also, sometimes the PNP code will
place the ADI 1845 at an address that cannot be mapped
through the OPTI 924. For DOS mode games to function
correctly, the 1845 must appear at 0x130, 0x280, 0x340, or
0x204. Go into the Device Manager | SoundPort Driver |
Properties | Resources Window to check this.
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