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Release notes

This version of the AD1812 Win95 drivers improves over the V1.0 drivers by
adding support or the XCTL0 and the XCTL1 pins. Developers can now write
applications that directly control spatializers, such as QSound's, through
these pins.

This version also provides even calibration across all gain controls, and
lets the volume increase logarithmically over the entire scale of the
volume sliders, resulting in a more evenly adjustable volume.
First-time driver installation

This section is for users who have not installed an AD1812 evaluation
board in their system before. If this applies to you, please follow this

1. Confirm that the AD1812 evaluation board is jumper-configured to
operate in PnP mode by inspecting the JP10 jumper. The left and center
pins should be shorted by the jumper to select PnP mode.
2. Insert the board into a free ISA-bus expansion slot in your computer.
3. Power up the computer and start Win95. Win95 will notify you that it
has detected new hardware and will try to configure resources for it.
4. When prompted by the Win95 Device Manager, insert the driver
installation disk in your floppy drive and click "Ok". If the Device
Manager complains that it can't locate any of the required files, make
sure that it is looking for them on your floppy drive! If you get such
error, simply type in the path to your floppy drive and click "Ok".
5. Device Manager will install drivers for the first three of the five
AD1812 logical devices and then request a system restart. This is
normal and required. Click "Yes" to restart Windows.
6. After the restart, Device Manager will go to work again and install
drivers for the remaining two AD1812 devices.
NOTE: The 5th and last logical device is the Modem logical device.
If the AD1812 has been configured on your board to support PnP for
an external modem chipset, his device configures as a standard COM
port by Win95.
7. You're done.
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