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Acorp A-931
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98
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This software package contains the drivers for Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and
DOS. For Windows 95 users, please refer to the "Windows 95" section.
For Windows 3.1X/DOS users, please refer to the "Windows 3.1X/DOS" section.

This text file provides the latest information of the drivers and a quick
installation guide.

What's NEW in this release

- Three-in-one: drivers for DOS, Windows 3.1X and Windows 95 are all in the
same diskette. Installation is easy and simple.

- DOS and Windows 3.1X driver are both installed through the Windows installer.
Installation procedure is self-explanatory and easy to follow.

- Driver uninstall utility is provided for Windows 95, Windows3.1X and DOS.
This ensures an issue-free re-installation if it is needed.

- Hot-key support in Windows 95 DOS box (in Sound Blaster mode). A feature
that comes in handy when the Windows mixer is not available.

- Microsoft DirectSound support. This enriches the Windows games experience.
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