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Digital Research DRPCISER1
DRSound-OPTI 931
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MS-Dos-Windows 3.1-95-98-NT
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The "Utils" (utilities) subdirectory of your LavaPort diskette contains
several programs that you may find useful when using your LavaPort with
an external modem. The included utilities are:

1. Lava Com Port Redirector
These programs are described below. You may run the Lava Com Port Redirector from the diskette without installing it if you wish.

The Lava Utility must be installed using the standard Windows95
Add New Programs procedure in order to work.

NOTE: These utilities are for use with Windows95 ONLY !! Do not attempt to use
these programs with any other operating system.


1. Lava Com Port Redirector (Redirect.exe)
Users of Windows 95 are theoretically able to install up to 255 serial ports
on their PC's. However, many applications that use serial ports have
configuration programs that install only from COM1 to COM4. At Lava, several of
our products can be installed with port addresses higher than the traditional
COM4. Because certain application programs do not take advantage of this
feature, Lava has included a Com Port Redirect Utility that will allow
ports with COM names above COM4 to be used with older software. The Lava
Port Redirector changes COM names without changing the I/O adresses or
IRQs that are assigned to them.


Additional Notes:

These programs are only for Windows 95.
To install these programs Type A:\setup.exe from Start Run.
To uninstall these program go to Start Programs Lava Uninstall.exe
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