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Installation of Lava Parallel PCI for Windows NT 4.0

1)Shut down the system and place the Lava Parallel PCI card into a free (unused) PCI slot.

2)Boot into Windows NT 4.0, Log on as Administrator and place the Lava Installation and Utilities diskette into the floppy drive.

3)Run the install.exe located on the NT4.0 directory on the floppy.

4)Address Assignment.
If you are installing a printer to the Lava Parallel PCI choose the PCI Bus assigned address.
If you are installing a non-printer peripheral such as a scanner or external drive then choose either 0278 - 027F or 0378 - 037F. Ensure that you do not assign the Lava Parallel PCI to an address used by your onboard parallel port. To find your onboard parallel ports address look in Start Programs Administrative Tools Windows NT diagnostics. In there go to the Resources tab then click the Devices button. In there double click Parport. That shall list the Parallel port address assignment. That is also where you can verify the successful installation of the Lava Parallel PCI.

5)Reboot Windows NT 4.0.


This installation is a BETA installation. We are currently developing a final release version of the installation for the Lava Parallel PCI in NT4.0.

Current Known NT4.0 Incompatiblities:
IOMega ZIP drive

Installing the Parallel PCI card under DOS for use with Windows 3.x or DOS

1) Insert the Lava Parallel PCI into a free PCI slot.

2) Boot into DOS.

3) With the Lava Parallel PCI floppy diskette in the floppy drive, copy the setaddr.sys file to root directory of the hard drive.
Use the following command:
copy a:\DOS\setaddr.sys c:
4) Add the following line to your config.sys above all devices to be loaded such as HIMEM and EMM386, or if you are running DOS under Windows 95 add this line also to your Config.dos.

device=c:\setaddr.sys [1] [2] [3]
where [1] [2] [3] are the I/O addresses that you wish to assign to the Lava Parallel PCI cards started with Lava Parallel PCI with the lowest PCI slot number. Consult your motherboard manual to verify which slot is the lowest slot number. You can use other addresses for the Parallel PCI card such as 378 or non standard addresses such as 288,238,2b8,338.

DO NOT USE THE STANDARD ADDRESS 3BC! This address could cause problems with your video.
You can also leave out these parameters and the Parallel PCI card will be assigned the PCI bus assigned address like 6000,5000....

5) Reboot into DOS and our setaddr.sys utility will report the IRQ and address assigned to our card.
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