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1. About IPP
2. IPP Server Configuration
3. IPP Client Setup
3.1 IPP Client Software Installation
3.2 IPP Client Configuration
4. Using IPP Printers
5. Changing the IPP Port Settings


1. About IPP

IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) is a new standards-based system to allow remote printing from a PC to any accessible printer. Normally, the printer will be attached to a computer or other device which functions as an IPP Server.
2. IPP Server Configuration

The Print Server contains the necessary firmware to act as an IPP Server. No additional configuration is necessary. However, the following requirements must be met.
* The Print Server must have a valid IP Address. For printing via the Internet, this IP Address must be external (allocated by your ISP), rather than an IP Address on your local LAN.
* Any Router, Gateway or Firewall linking your LAN to the Internet must NOT block the IPP protocol.
* You must advise clients of the correct URL or IP Address of the IPP Server. To use a URL rather than an IP Address, you need to register the domain name for the URL.
* You must provide your clients with the supplied IPP Client software. If it is not convenient to provide the CD-ROM, supply the IPP_CLIENT.EXE file, located in the IPP folder.
IPP Client Setup

3. IPP Client Setup

To use IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), the following requirements must be met:
* You must have access to the IPP Server, and its URL or IP Address must be known.
* Appropriate IPP Client software must be installed on your PC, as described below.

3.1 IPP Client Software Installation

The IPP Client Software can be installed on any of the following systems:
* Window 95/98
* Windows NT 4.0
* Windows 2000

If you have the CD-ROM:
a. Insert the CD-ROM in your drive. If the program does not start automatically, run the SETUP program in the top-level folder.
b. Follow the prompts until you reach the Select Installation screen, and select IPP Client.
c. At the next screen, select the Install IPP Client option.
d. Click Next, and step though the remaining screens to complete the installation.

If you have the IPP_CLIENT.EXE file
a. Run this program to unzip the included files.
b. The IPP Setup program will then run.
c. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

3.2. IPP Client Configuration
a. Run the "Add IPP Port" program entry created by the installation. The "Configure IPP Port" screen will be displayed.

b. If Internet access from your location is via a Proxy Server, check "Access IPP Server via Proxy Server", and enter details of your Proxy Server. (This will be the same as your Browser configuration.)

c. Enter the IP Address or URL of the IPP Server

d. Click "Select Device Port" to view the available ports on the IPP Server, and select the appropriate port. (A connection to the IPP Server will be established during this step.)

e. Click "Save" to create the IPP port on your system. You will see a message confirming that the port has been created, then the "Select Printer for IPP Port" screen.

f. Either:
Select an existing printer to use the new port, and click "OK".
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