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This documentation includes information on the "JVC GV-PT2 Capture" Utility which transfers video images into your PC through the GV-PT2, and the Printer Driver that is used to print out PC data on the GV-PT2, that are not mentioned in the instruction manual.
Please read this document before use.

Application Printer Model: GV-PT2
Application Version: JVC GV-PT2 Capture Ver. 1.0
Printer Driver Ver. 1.0
(Created 15 Jan. 1997)


Damage may result if the printer cable is attached or detached while the printer or PC's power is turned on. Please make sure that power is turned off when connecting/disconnecting.

[Applicable Models]
There is no assurance of proper operation unless the computer used is a DOS model with Bi-Directional Parallel port, which meets the criteria listed below.

[CPU] i486DX2 or higher
[Free memory] More than 16MB

The GV-PT2's "JVC GV-PT2 Capture" utility and Printer Driver can be used with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Printing from Windows NT and MS-DOS is not possible.

Please use only after making sure that your PC meets the above-mentioned conditions.

The GV-PT2's "JVC GV-PT2 Capture" utility and Printer Driver were developed for use in a Windows environment which supports Parallel port Bi-Directional interface. Bi-Directional interfaces include EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port), Bi-Directional (called Bidirectional mode, PS/2 compatible mode, escape mode, etc. depending on the unit), ECP (Extended Capabilities Port), Nibble, Byte mode and so on; "JVC GV-PT2 Capture" utility and Printer Driver operate when set to EPP or Bi-Directional.

When PC Parallel Port is not set as stated above, "Parallel port is not Bi-Directional mode. ..." warning will appear when the JVC GV-PT2 Capture utility or printing is attempted.

Depending on the PC model, the initial setting of the PC Parallel Port may not be EPP or Bi-Directional. In this case, it will be necessary to change the setting (BIOS setting) using the Setup Utility (which may be called "Environment Setting" or "Device Information Setting" depending on the PC's manufacturer. For the method of changing modes using the Setup utility, refer to your PC instruction manual.

Certain PC models may offer Bi-Directional but may not have EPP or Bi-Directional mode listed as a setup option, having other modes such as "extended" or "enhanced", etc. instead. If trying these modes fails to yield proper results, consult the manufacturer of the PC being used.
When you set up these modes, and it doesn't work, contact PC manufacturer. And in the case of PCs with both Standard and Bi-Directional modes, select the EPP mode.

Furthermore, modes with names such as "One-Way", "Compatible", "SPP (Standard Parallel Port)", "Standard Output Only", and "Normal" are all uni-directional interfaces, so they will not work.


If you are using Windows 95 and have the EPP or Bi-Directional mode set up, and the message "Parallel port is not in the Bi-Directional mode" appears, perform the following steps.
1) Double click the icon for "My Computer" / "Control Panel" / "System", then open the "System Properties" window.
2) Click the "Device Manager" tab in the "System Property" window, and double click the "Ports" mark in the window, and confirm that the name of LPT1: is "Printer Port".

If the name of LPT1: is "ECP Printer Port", perform the following steps 3)-8).

3) Double click the connector mark where "ECP Printer Port" is shown, open the "Property of ECP Printer Port" window.
4) Double click the Tab for "Driver" in the "ECP Printer Port" window and click the button "Change the driver" at bottom-right, then the "Select Device" window will open.
5) Select "Indicate All Devices" radio button at the bottom-left of the "Select Device" window, the Menu frame for "Manufacturer (M)" "Model (D)" appears.
6) After clicking to select "(Standard Port)" of "Manufacturer (M)" followed by "Printer Port" of "Model (D)", click the "OK" button at the bottom-right.
7) Click "OK" button in the "Property of ECP Printer Port" window, then click the "OK" button of "Property of System" window.
8) Restart Windows.

If you follow the above instructions and the message "Parallel Port is not in the Bi-Directional mode" continues to appear, procure the "Windows 95 Service pack 1" and re-install. Contact Microsoft Inc. on how to get the "Windows 95 Service pack 1".
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