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MS-DOS Windows 3.1-95-98-Me-NT3.5-NT4
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LaserJet Cleaning Utility v1.05

The HPLaserJet Cleaning Utility is designed to remove excess paper and toner particles that can accumulate on the fusing assembly (heating element) rollers. The buildup of toner and paper dust results in random spots on the front and back of sides of the printout.

The HPLaserJet Cleaning Utility is primarily intended for the HPLaserJet 6P, 6MP, 6L, 5P, 5MP and 5L printers, but works on all HPLaserJet 5 and 6 family monochrome printers, regardless of driver type. It works with Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 3.5x and 4.0, as well as MS-DOS.

Running the HPLaserJet Cleaning Utility at regular intervals can extend the useful life of the fuser and reduce service procedures.

This option allows you to download a file that contains the entire Cleaning Utility.
Download into a temporary directory.
Run the file name to extract.
You will have an opportunity to change the drive and directory.
See 'HPPCLEAN.TXT' for detailed installation instructions.
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