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Genicom Microlaser 170N PCL6
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98
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Readme.txt for GENICOM microLaser 170 Windows 95 driver

This document explains the items listed below. The driver should be used
only after this document has been read.

File Composition
Install Guide
Points to Note

The following files are contained in the directory ENGLISH.
ML170.DRV GENICOM microLaser 170 printer driver module.
OEMSETUP.INF Information file used for installing printer driver.
README.TXT Contains explanation and points to note for printer

The GENICOM microLaser 170 printer driver can be installed by either
of 2 methods described below:

(1)Plug and Play printer detection.

(a)Windows 95 automatically detects the printer at installation time or
during the boot process.

(b)Plug and Play detection code will prompt the user for the appropriate
files if they are not resident in the Windows directory, by
displaying the "New Hardware Found" dialog box.

(c)From the "New Hardware Found" dialog box select the option "Driver
from disk provided by hardware manufacturer" and click "OK"

(d)The "Install from disk" dialog box is displayed prompting the user to
select the drive and directory containing the installation disk.

(e)Insert the Printer driver installation CD into the CD drive, use
the "Browse" button to select sub-directory \Drivers\pcl\WIN95\ENGLISH
of the microLaser 170 CD and click "OK".
Note : Another method would be to copy the contents of the above
indicated directory on to a diskette and install from a:\ .
This because the installation may require some files from the
original Windows installation CD and you than need to remove the
LN 16 CD. This especially will be the case when this is the first
printer to be installed.

(f)The "Select Device" dialog box appears displaying the model-name
"GENICOM microLaser 170 (PCL)". Click "OK" to continue.

(g)A dialog appears prompting the user to type the Printer name. Type
an appropriate name or use the one supplied and click "Next>".

(h)The next dialog prompts the user to print a test page. Select "Yes"
or "No" and click "Finish".

(i)Once all the appropriate files have been copied and the driver is
installed, a test page is printed. Depending on whether the test page
was correctly printed or not select "Yes or "No".

The GENICOM microLaser 170 Windows 95 printer driver is now
(2)Set-up from Printers folder.

(a)Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Printers.

(b)Double-click Add Printer.

(c)The Add Printer Wizard appears. Click "Next>".
Genicom Microlaser 170N PCL6
Operating Systems
Windows NT4
Version Driver
Size Driver
File Name
Readme.txt for GENICOM microLaser 170 Windows NT 4.0 driver

This readme file gives the installation instructions for the GENICOM Windows
NT 4.0 PCL printer driver.

Initial Installation

>> Note: If you have already installed a GENICOM microLaser 170
printer driver, you must use the "Re-installation" procedure,
described later in this file.

1 Insert the CD-ROM or 3.5" disk in the appropriate drive on your

2 In the Windows NT Start>Settings menu, choose Printers.

3 Choose Add Printer.

The Add Printer Wizard opens.

4 Choose Next.

5 When prompted, choose the appropriate radio button to identify
how the printer is attached to your workstation (Local Printer
or Network Printer), and then choose Next.

6 When prompted to select a port to use with the printer, select
the appropriate port, and then choose Next.

7 When prompted to select a manufacturer and model of printer,
choose Have Disk.

8 In the Install from Disk dialog box, type the full pathname
of the directory in which the GENICOM Windows NT 4.0 printer driver
files are located, or choose Browse and locate the directory.

9 Choose OK.

"GENICOM microLaser 170 (PCL)" appears.

10 Select the GENICOM printer name and choose Next.

11 When prompted, choose Replace Existing Driver, and then choose

12 When prompted for a printer name, either accept the displayed
name or type a new one, and then choose Next.

13 When prompted for sharing information, choose either Shared
(and type a Share Name) or Not Shared, and choose Next.

14 When prompted, select the operating systems of ALL computers
that will be printing to the printer, and then choose Next.

15 When asked if you'd like to print a test page, choose either
Yes or No, and then choose Finish.

The printer driver installs, and you're ready to print.

If a GENICOM Windows NT 4.0 PCL printer driver has been previously installed,
you must use the following procedure to delete the files before installing a
new printer driver.

1 Open Windows NT Explorer (from the Start>Programs menu choose
Windows NT Explorer).

2 Delete the printer(s) you want to replace or upgrade.

3 Install the new printers using the "Initial Installation" procedure
at the beginning of this file.
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