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GCC Elite XL 1208S IP P2P
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me
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The Windows 95/98/Me compatible software to enuMerate network printers as local printers and allow PC's running these systems to print to the Elite 21 over a TCP-IP network

This disk contains the Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Microsoft Windows
NT 4.0 compatible software to allow PC's running these systems to print
directly to the compatible network card in your printer using the IP
capabilities that are supplied with Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft
Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft Widows 2000. This capability will work
even if there is no File Server on the network; however, your PC must
have the TCP/IP protocol installed in its Network Configuration.

This program has been developed and tested using Microsoft network
protocol stacks supplied with Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 and
Windows 2000. Operation in conjunction with third party network stacks
is not guaranteed.


To install the IP Peer-to-Peer capability, run the SETUP program on this disk.
A DLL file will be entered into the active Windows system directory and
an executable program will be added to the selected folder and program group.
The executable, IP-P2P will allow you to configure the IP Peer-to-Peer

In the IP-P2P configuration program,
- You may select up to 30 active IP-P2P ports to be active in your
port listing. Selected printer/ports are marked with an "S".
- You may select any number of printers/ports to be permanent. This means that
if you "Clear" the printer list, these printers/ports will remain. Permanent
printer/ports are marked with a "P".
If you change the IP Peer-to-Peer Printer naming scheme, you must reboot
your computer and then run the IP-P2P program again to re-search for printers.
Click on the Printers button then click on the Find Printers option.

If you add printers to your network, you must re-search the list again.


How to Add an IP-P2P Printer to your local computer:

1. Open the Printers window from within the Settings... menu in the
Start Menu.
2. Start the Add Printer Wizard by selecting Add Printer.
3. Step through the Add Printer procedure.
4. Select 'Local printer' when the Add Printer Wizard asks you to choose
between local or network printers.
5. Select your printer's make and model as normal.
6. Your P2P network printers will be listed as local printer ports.
7. Select the desired P2P printer.
8. Complete the rest of Add Printer as normal.


To remove the IP Peer-to-Peer capability software from your PC, use the
Install/Uninstall Programs feature in the Control Panel of your Operating

How to Remove the IP P2P software:

1. Open the Printers window from within the Settings... menu in the
Start Menu.
2. Delete all of the printers you have created which are P2P printers
Or switch each port to LPT1: using the Properties tab.
3. Run Add/Remove Programs from the Windows Control Panel.
4. Select IP-P2P to remove.
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