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GCC Elite 21DN+ USB
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Windows 98-98Se-Me
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This software update contains updated installation files to support USB
printing with your GCC Elite printer in the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 98
or Windows Me (Millenium Edition) environment. These files also support
non-USB printing from Windows 95, 98, or Me. (USB printing is not
supported under Windows 95.)

The update features new USB Printing Support from Microsoft. This
support is more comprehensive and flexible than the older GCC USB
software, and we recommend the update to all customers who print via
USB. (If you are not planning on printing via USB, you do not need to
install this update at this time.)

The installation procedure consists of up to four steps:

- Remove older GCC USB software:
1. Delete current Elite USB printer(s) from the Printers folder
2. Run the GCC uninstaller

- Install printer with new software:
3. Install new USB Printing Support
4. Add printer(s) to Printers folder

Before you begin, make sure you have the files from this software
update available, either on disk, or having noted their location on
your system. If you currently have a printer installed, you may want to
first print this file for your convenience.
Remove Older GCC USB Software

If you have installed an older version of the GCC USB software on your
system, you MUST remove it BEFORE attempting to install the printer
with the updated USB Printing Support.

1. Delete current Elite USB printer(s)

Any existing Elite printers which were set up to print via the USB port
must first be deleted. (You can determine what port the printer is
using by opening the printer properties and looking at the "Details"
tab. Elite printers which use other ports may be allowed to remain.)

a. Open the Printers folder (click Start, Settings, Printers)

b. Select your current Elite USB printer(s)

c. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard

d. Click "Yes" in response to prompts

2. Run the GCC uninstaller

The uninstaller deletes the older GCC USB printing software from your
hard disk and removes related entries from the Windows registry. Be
sure to run the uninstaller from this software update, and NOT the
older deinstaller which came with the original GCC USB software.

a. Disconnect all cables between your Elite printer and computer

b. Locate the file from this software update named "Uninstall GCC USB"

c. Double-click the file to run it

d. Restart Windows
Install Printer with New Software

You may now (re-)install the printer. To install it for printing via
USB, follow the directions below. (These directions are for Windows 98;
they may vary slightly for Windows Me.) To install for printing via the
Parallel port, refer to your user's manual (substituting this software
update for your original CD-ROM).
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