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Loading Roll Paper
1 Slide the black paper stop off the end ofthe spindle.
Note: To use paper with a 2-inch core, remove thegray adapters from the paper stops at each end.
See your Printer Guide for details.
2 Position the roll as shown, then slide it ontothe spindle.
3 Slide the black paper stop back onto the spindleand insert it firmly into the end of the roll.
7 Release the paper lever.
8 Hold both sides of the paper and feed it intothe slot.
9 Make sure the paper is aligned with the OTHERmark and the vertical line next to the arrow. Thenreturn the paper lever to the secured position.
4 Open the roll paper cover.
5 Place the roll paper in the printer as shown. (Thegray end of the spindle goes on the right.)
6 Make sure the printer is turned on, then press the
Paper Source button until the or iconappears.
Caution: To avoid feeding excess paper, make sureyou don’t select when you’re using roll paper. .
10 Raise the roll paper support on top of thepaper tray. Then close the roll paper cover.
Caution: To prevent creasing the paper, remove itfrom the paper path and roll it up when you’re notprinting.
OTHER mark
Vertical line2
5 Load the sheets in the portrait orientation, shortedge first, with the printable side face down.
Place the paper all the way back, against the rightside of the tray.
Don’t load paper above the arrow mark inside theedge guide.
Caution: When you add more paper, always line upthe edges with the paper already in the tray.
Loading Paper in the T ray
Loading Paper in the T ray
Make sure the printer is on and roll paper is not loadedfor printing.
Caution: Heavy media or very glossy media (suchas EPSON Premium Glossy Photo Paper) cannot beused with the paper tray.
1 Pull out the paper tray and cover.
2 Lift up the paper tray cover.
6 Adjust the paper tray and edge guide accordingto the paper size. For small sheets, raise thepaper guide and move it to the edge of the stack.
7 Flip down the paper guide roller, then replacethe paper tray cover and adjust its length.
Note: Make sure the roll paper support isnot raised.
8 Press the Paper Source button until you seethe cut sheet icon.
3 Flip up the paper guide roller and slide the edgeguide all the way to the left.
4 Thumb through a stack of paper, then gently tapit on a flat surface to even the pages.3
3 Open the top cover.
4 Insert the sheet face-up.
The front manual feed slot provides a straight-throughpaper path for fine art paper, posterboard, or othermedia 19 to 55 mil (0.5 to 1.5 mm) thick. Make surethere is enough space behind the printer for feedingthe paper.
Note: Use the top manual feed slot for veryglossy media (such as EPSON Pemium Glossy
Photo Paper).
1 Make sure the printer is turned on, then pressthe Paper Source button until you see the cut sheet icon.
2 Release the paper lever.
5 Push the sheet under the gray feed rollers,and align the right edge with the vertical markon the right side of the tray cover.
6 Close the top cover.
7 Return the paper lever to the secured position.
The printer grabs the paper and feeds it intoprinting position.
8 Extend the paper tray and cover to support thesheet as it comes out of the printer. Make sure theroll paper support is not raised.
Loading Paper Manually
Loading Paper Manually
Align paper with
OTHER markChecking and Aligning the Print Head
Checking and Aligning the Print Head
If your prints look grainy or blurry, or you seemisregistration or “ghosting,” you need to align the printhead. First, you need to make sure the nozzles are clean.
Running a Nozzle Check and
Auto Cleaning
You can turn on Auto Cleaning at the same time youcheck the print head nozzles. The printer prints the checkpattern, reads it, and automatically runs a cleaning cycleif necessary. First, make sure paper is loaded in the tray.
1 Go to the Utilities in your EPSON printer driver.
In Mac OS X, you’ll find it in the Epson Printer
Utility in the Applications folder.
2 Click the Nozzle Check icon.
3 Click Auto and follow the instructions on thescreen.
Note: You can also run a cleaning cycle bypressing the Menu button and holding it formore than 3 seconds.
Aligning the Print Head
After you check the print head and clean it if necessary,follow these steps to align the print head:1 Make sure the printer is turned on. Then load
EPSON Enhanced Matte or Premium Luster
Photo Paper.
2 Press the Menu button.
3 Press the button to display HEAD
ALIGNMENT. Then press Menu. You see
4 Press the Menu button again so that *STDappears on the display. This is the correctthickness setting for most EPSON papers,including Enhanced Matte paper.
5 Press the Menu button to register thevalue, then press the button to display
6 Press the button to display ALIGNMENT.
7 Press the Menu button to display AUTO,then press Menu again. You see UNI-D
(uni-directional). This is the type ofalignment to start with.
8 Press the Menu button again to start thealignment process. Head alignment takes about
7 minutes.
Caution: Make sure you don’t open the top cover orturn off the printer during the alignment process.
9 When the uni-directional alignment is finished,press the button until you see BI-D BLK.
Then press the Menu button again to start thebi-directional black alignment.
10 When the bi-directional black alignment isfinished, press the button until you see
BI-D ALL. Then press the Menu button again.
11 When the final alignment is finished, press the
Pause button.
Checking Ink Levels and Replacing Ink Cartridges
Checking Ink Levels and Replacing Ink Cartridges
Before you begin a large print job, you should check yourink levels. If one of your cartridges is low, you can replaceit before you start. Or you can wait until the ink runsout, replace the cartridge, and then continue the jobwithout any loss of print quality.
Checking Ink Levels
The easiest way to check ink levels is from thecontrol panel.
Replacing Ink Cartridges
When the ink light flashes, one of the indicators is low,and INK LOW is displayed on the LCD panel, thecorresponding cartridge is nearly empty. Make sure youhave the correct replacement cartridge.
You can install any combination of 110 ml and 220 mlcartridges.
EPSON UltraChrome
110 ml 220 ml
Photo Black T543100 T544100
Cyan T543200 T544200
Magenta T543300 T544300
Yellow T543400 T544400
Light Cyan T543500 T544500
Light Magenta T543600 T544600
Light Black T543700 T544700
Matte Black T543800 T544800
When one of the indicators shows empty and INK OUTis displayed on the LCD panel, the cartridge is empty. T oreplace the cartridge, first make sure the printer is on.
1 Press the ink compartment cover to open it.
2 Raise the ink lever to the unlocked position.
3 Remove the empty ink cartridge from the printer.
Warning: Do not shake the empty cartridge, or inkmay leak. If ink gets on your hands, wash themthoroughly with soap and water. If ink gets in youreyes, flush them immediately with water.
4 Make sure the replacement cartridge is the correctcolor, and remove it from its package.
Gently shake the cartridge before installing it.
3 Magenta 5 Photo Black
(full) (empty)
1 Matte Black
2 Cyan
4 Yellow 6 Light Cyan
7 Light Magenta
8 Light BlackReplacing Printer Parts
Replacing Printer Parts
Replacing Ink Cartridges (continued)
Replacing Ink Cartridges (continued)
5 Hold the cartridge with the arrow mark pointingtoward the printer. Then insert the cartridge intothe slot. Don’t force it.
Note: If you can’t insert the cartridge smoothly,you may have the wrong cartridge. Check thepackage and product code. If the Ink light remainson after installing the cartridge, try removing andthen reinserting it.
6 Return the ink lever to its locked position.
7 If you’re using 110 ml cartridges, close the inkcompartment cover. If you’re using 220 mlcartridges, you’ll have to leave the cover open.
Replacing the Cutter Blade
If you notice that the paper isn’t cut cleanly, you may needto replace the cutter blade (part # C12C815291). You cancheck its status as described below:1 Press the Menu button on the printer, then press
until you see PRINTER STATUS.
2 Press Menu, then press until you see
3 Press Menu, then press until you see CUTTER.
E*****F indicates a new cutter. If no stars aredisplayed, the cutter needs to be replaced.
Caution: Do not use the cutter for thefollowing media:• Fine art paper (such as EPSON UltraSmooth,
Textured, or Velvet)
• Canvas
• Backlight film
• Vinyl
Follow these steps to replace the cutter:1 Press the Menu button on the printer, thenpress until you see MAINTENANCE.
2 Press the Menu button. You see
3 Press Menu to display EXEC, then press Menuagain. The print head moves to the cutterreplacement position.
4 Open the top cover.
6Replacing Printer Parts (continued)
Replacing Printer Parts (continued)
5 Hold down the side pin, as shown, then turn thelatch to the right.
6 Release the side pin and carefully remove thecutter blade.
Replacing the Maintenance T ank
You need to replace the Maintenance Tank
(part # C12C890071) when you see MNT TNK FULLor NEAR FULL on the LCD display. The ink lightalso turns red.
1 If you are using 220 ml ink cartridges, remove thefour cartridges on the right. Close the inkcompartment cover.
2 Pull out the maintenance tank as shown.
Caution: Do not tip the tank, or ink may spill out.
3 Place the used tank in the plastic bag included withthe new tank.
7 Insert the new cutter blade.
8 Hold down its side pin and secure it withthe latch.
9 Close the top cover. The carriage returns to thehome position and the cutter replacement iscomplete.
4 Insert the new tank.
5 Replace any ink cartridges you removed.
7Error messages
For a complete list of error messages, see your Printer Guide.
Control Panel Messages Control Panel Messages
Message Light Explanation or response
READY Pause light off Printer is ready to print.
PRINTING Pause light flashing Printer is receiving data.
RESET All lights flash briefly Printer is resetting.
PRESS PAUSE BUTTON Pause light on Press the Pause button to continue.
PLEASE WAIT Pause light flashing Printer is initializing or performing maintenance. Waituntil READY appears.
PAUSE Pause light on Printer is paused. To resume printing, press the
Pause button.
CUTTING Printer is cutting the paper.
CHARGING INK Printer is charging the ink delivery system. Wait untiluntil READY appears.
Status messages
These messages indicate normal phases of printer operation.
Replace ink cartridge(s) indicatedon LCD. See page 5.
Replace ink cartridge(s) indicatedon LCD. See page 5.
Make sure the right paper is loadedand the paper source setting is thesame on the control panel and printoptions.
Move the paper lever to thesecured position.
Make sure paper is loaded correctlyand the paper lever is secured. Ifyou’re using cut sheets, make surethe paper is flat.
Replace the maintenance tank. Seepage 7.
Ink cartridge(s) are nearlyempty (printing continues).
Ink cartridge(s) are empty
(printing stops).
The paper source setting inprint options is differentfrom the control panel setting.
The paper lever is in thereleased position.
The printer cannot detectthe paper.
The maintenance tank is full.
Ink light flashing
Ink light on
Paper light on
Paper light on
Paper light on
Ink light on
8Where T o Get Help
Where T o Get Help
Control Panel Messages (continued)
Control Panel Messages (continued)
Error messages (continued)
EPSON and EPSON Stylus are registered trademarks of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. EPSON UltraChrome is a trademark and EPSON Preferred isa service mark of Epson America, Inc.
2004 by Epson America, Inc. 9/04
Telephone support
World Wide Web
Support for non-EPSON RIP
Call (888) 377-6611. Make sureyou have your Unit ID number.
If you experience any difficulty with the toll-free number or your Unit IDnumber, call (562) 276-1305.
Go to http: // to download drivers, access productdocumentation and troubleshooting, and get technical advicethrough e-mail.
Contact the RIP manufacturer.
Release the paper lever. Removethe paper tray if you’re printing oncut sheets. Remove the jammedpaper. If necessary, open the topcover or remove the rear cover.
Reload paper, making sure theedges are straight.
Check to make sure the green tabon the print head is pulled outuntil it stops. If so, note the errornumber, and turn the printer offand then on. If the messageremains, contact EPSON.
Paper has jammed in theprinter.
Paper was fed at an angle.
The print head is locked oran error has occurred.
Paper light flashing
Paper light flashing
All lights flashing

Note your EPSON Preferred
Unit ID number here.
9EPSON Stylus Pro 4000 Quick Reference Guide Printed in USA CPD-17010R1 Control Panel Lights and Buttons Control Panel Lights and Buttons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Menu 3sec. Menu button Hold for 3 seconds to clean the print head. Up arrow button Paper light Down arrow button Left arrow or Paper Source button Hold for 3 seconds to cut roll paper after printing. Ink light Pause light and button Hold for 3 seconds to cancel a print job or reset the printer. Power button CPD17010R1_Isab_QRG.qx 10/7/04 3:02 PM Page 1


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