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Product(s): Stylus COLOR 670/ 740/ 760/ 860/ 880/ 900/ 980/ 1160, Stylus C40/ C60/ C80,
Stylus Photo 750/ 820/ 870/ 890/ 1200/ 1270/ 1280/ 2000P

Subject: Apple USB Printer Sharing

This bulletin was created to inform you of the steps to configure Apple USB printer sharing.
Check List:§ Both computers must be running Mac OS 9.x

§ You must be using TCP/IP as well as AppleTalk
§ USB native printers must be connected to Macintosh computers with built in USB ports
§ Apple USB printer sharing must be installed on both computers
§ EPSON printer driver must be installed on both host and client side computers


1. Verify both computers are running Mac OS 9.x, have Apple USB Printer Sharing installed andare visible to each other on the same network
2. Connect the printer to the host computer and follow instructions for installing the software
3. Install the EPSON printer driver on the client computer
4. On the host computer, open USB Printer Sharing in the Control Panel under the Apple menua. Click on the Start button to turn sharing on (see Figure 1 below)b. Open the ‘My Printers’ tab and select the printer you wish to share (see Figure 2 below)
5. On the client computer, open USB Printer Sharing in the Control Panel under the Apple menua. Open the ‘Start/Stop’ tabb. Click on the Start buttonc. Open the ‘Network Printers’ tabd. Click on the Add button to view the network and available printers on the network (see Figure 3 below)e. Make sure you can see the printer listed that you want to print to and select it (see Figure 4below)f. Click on Choose
6. Close the USB Printer Sharing window
7. On the client computer, select the printer in the Chooser. The USB option should now beavailable to select and you should be able to print. (Figure 5)Page 2 of 2


Product(s): Stylus Pro 9000 / 7000, Stylus COLOR 900,
Expression 1640XL / 836XL / 1600, Stylus RIP

Subject: Incompatibility with FireWire 2.1 File and OS 9.0.1 or Later

This bulletin was created to inform you of an incompatibility with the FireWire 2.1 extensionsand Mac OS 9.0.1 or later.

Problem:! When the FireWire extensions (FireWire Enabler ver. 2.1 and FireWire Support ver. 2.1)are installed in a PowerPC based Mac (PCI-Bus model) without built in FireWire supportrunning OS 9.0.1 or later, the following system error occurs after restarting the system:Sorry, a system error occurred.

Illegal instruction
To temporarily turn off extensions, restart and hold down the shift key
Effected Products:Ink-Jet Printers:Model Name Driver Version
Stylus Pro 9000 Rev. 6.3aE
Stylus Pro 7000 Rev. 6.3aE
Stylus Color 900 Rev. 6.3aE
Epson Stylus Driver Updater *1 Rev. 1.0aE / 1.1aE
Scanner:Model Name Driver Version
Expression 1640XL Rev. 1.7aE
Expression 836XL Rev. 1.7aE
Expression 1600 Rev. 1.7aE
Stylus RIP:Model Name Driver Version
Stylus RIP Vol. 1.4
Action Required:Page 2 of 2 Please follow the procedure below in order to delete the FireWire files from the system: 1. Insert the Mac OS bootable CD in your CD ROM drive 2. Reboot the system while holding down the C key on the Keyboard 3. After the system is rebooted trash the FireWire Enabler and the FireWire Support files from the Extensions Folder 4. Restart the system normally NOTE: The FireWire CD will contain the updated version of the extensions listed above by the end of July 2000.


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