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This technical brief provides detailed information on the core technologies used in Epson printers and all-in-one printers.
The core technologies used in Epson ink jet printers work together to produce award-winning print quality, and each component is equally important in delivering exceptional print quality.
Epson MicroPiezo technology
Produces precise ink droplet size and placement
High Resolution Printing
High resolution allows the printer to produce greater detail in photos and sharper text and line art
High Quality Halftoning
Generates fast, color-accurate results with smooth transitions and true photographic image quality
Small Ink Droplet Size
Small ink droplets produce smoother gradations and greater tonal control
Epson Inks
Epson innovates ink solutions tailored to the needs of speci? c users instead of offering a one-size-? ts-all ink solution.
Epson Papers
Epson papers are designed to receive
Epson inks and offer the optimal output quality
Epson’s core printing technologies work together to produce brilliant Photo Quality color, sharp text, and incredible print speeds
Greater detail in highlights, without visible printed “dots”
Greater detail in shadows, with higher optical density and contrast
Smooth gradations with precise color control and superior density
Crisp line art Crisp text
Better ? ll in solid areas
This combination of core technologies used in Epson ink jet printers produces: Detailed information on each of these core printing technologies is on the following pages.
Print Quality—Core Printing TechnologiesInk Jet Printer Technical Brief Page 2
2. High Print Resolution: Resolution, which is generally measured in dots per inch (DPI) is an important factor in achieving print quality. Epson printers are unique in combining very small, variable-size ink droplet sizes with high resolutions to precisely print crisp details in photos and laser sharp text. Also, Epson’s variable ink droplet sizes and high resolutions combine to improve color ranges and accuracy because Epson printers can use halftone algorithms with more color combinations and smoother color gradations.
3. Small ink droplet size: Most Epson printers produce ink droplets so small you cannot see them with the naked eye. A smaller ink droplet allows the printer to produce a greater number of different colored “printed dots” because a wider range of tiny droplets can be combined to create a larger color palette. Additionally, smaller ink droplets produce less visible printed dots, especially apparent in the lightest areas of a photograph.
Epson printers use Variable Size Droplet Technology, where the printers can produce a number of different ink droplet sizes. The size and number of droplets varies by model, but offers these bene? ts: • Different ink droplet sizes can be combined to achieve more tone representations
• The smallest ink droplets can be used in the low-density or highlight areas, reducing the visibility of printed
• Large ink droplets are used in dense coverage areas to improve print speed
With this technique, Epson printers can produce high print quality without sacri? cing print speed and without having to increase the number of nozzles on the print head.
Effect of Print Resolution and Small,
Variable-Size Ink Droplets
Gradations and blends become smoother as resolution and droplet control are increased
Variable sizes combine to achieve more tone representations for smoother gradations
Large droplets are used in dense coverage areas allowing Epson to have fast print speeds without increasing the number of print head nozzles
Smallest ink droplets produce smooth photos, especially bene? cial for highlights and detailed areas
1. Epson MicroPiezo Technology: Epson Micro Piezo print heads use high-precision mechanical pumps to produce ink droplets, and no heat is involved in printing. Here’s how it compares to thermal ink jet technology, used in other ink jet printers: Epson MicroPiezo Technology Thermal technologies
Mechanical method:Precise electrical pulses cause the ink reservoir wall to de? ect inward, projecting ink through the nozzle.
Epson’s MicroPiezo technology results in consistent ink droplets without satellites (unwanted ink spray) or misting.
Heat method:Heat produces a vapor bubble in the ink reservoir which expands and is ejected through the nozzle.
Some thermal printers produce more inconsistent droplets with satellites and misting.
Piezo Crystal
In k
Bub b l e
Nozzl e
Dropl e tInk Jet Printer Technical Brief Page 3 4. Ink System: Epson offers a variety of ink systems to meet every printing need. Whether the customer is most interested in the everyday printing of documents and the occasional photo, is an amateur photographer looking to primarily print photos with stellar image quality and durability, or is a professional photographer staking his reputation on breathtaking large format prints, Epson has the right ink for the job. Additionally, unlike competitive printers tht require special or optional inks, with Epson printers there are no added costs for optional cartridges, and you never have to swap an ink cartridge to get sharp black text, superb photo quality photos, or both on the same page. You can ? nd detailed information, comparisons, and FAQs on the Epson ink sets in the Ink Solutions document. 5. Epson Papers: In general, Epson printers will deliver their best output quality when used with Epson papers. Epson papers are designed in conjunction with Epson printers and genuine Epson inks so when all three elements are present and used, the best possibly print quality is achieved. • The Epson printer driver optimizes ink density based on the resolution and type of media selected • Epson printers are designed to produce their optimal print quality using genuine Epson inks on Epson papers • Epson ink jet papers are speci? cally designed to receive Epson inks. 6. High Quality Halftoning: Every ink jet printer uses a method referred to as halftoning, that places ink droplets to create printed “dots” in various patterns so you see continuous tone color. Epson printers use a halftoning module that produces fast, high-quality, color-accurate output. The Epson printer drivers use an advanced error diffusion technology to determine the most ef? cient pattern for applying ink droplets to the page, based on the content, selected output quality, and paper type. Increasing Brand Strength General Purpose Chief Memory Of? cer Photo Enthusiast Advanced Amateur Pro Fine Art Epson, Exceed Your Vision, MicroPiezo, AcuPhoto Halftoning, Claria, Epson UltraChrome K3, Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss, and PictureMate are registered trademarks or trademarks of Seiko Epson Corporation. DURABrite and Chief Memory Of? cer are registered trademarks of Epson America, Inc. Other product names used herein are for identi? cation purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Epson disclaims any and all rights in those marks. Speci? cations subject to change. 2006 Epson America, Inc. Epson Printer + Epson Ink + Epson Paper Delivers Epson Quality


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