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EPSON Product Support Bulletin Subject: Proper Method for Running Benchmark and Diagnostics Programs Date: 06/04/93 PSB No: S-0158 Page(s): 1 of 1 Originator: MWT This bulletin describes the proper method for running any benchmark or diagnostics programs. This applies to any computer system. In most cases, the computer should be started using an MS-DOS boot diskette thatís Ďcleaní - in other words, one with no CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files. The appropriate executable can then be run, either from diskette or hard drive. There will be some exceptions to the above rule. In attempting to benchmark or troubleshoot any add-on that requires a device driver (CD-ROM, local area network, etc.), obviously the necessary device driver(s) must be loaded. Also, some programs will require a minimum number of FILES or BUFFERS to be defined in the CONFIG.SYS file. Such programs will usually display this requirement if they are run without the necessary CONFIG.SYS file. For the most consistent results, use the absolute minimal boot configuration thatís allowed by the hardware being tested.


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