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Century Systems Century Hawk Series Programmer for all Hawk
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Command Syntax
- Generally speaking, command names consist of 1 or 2 (case sensitive)
alphanumeric characters.
- Some commands require one or more optional parameters and/or optional commands
to perform special functions.
- All command lines should be concluded by a CR-ODH via “enter” to a new line.
1. Basic command format.
Format 1: Commands without parameters
Syntax Description
X Command with single alpha character
XX Command with two alpha characters
Format 2: Commands with a fixed number of parameters
Syntax Description
Xp1,p2,p3,…,pn Command with a single leading alpha character
XXp1,p2,p3,…,pn Command with two leading alpha characters
Format 3: Commands with optional parameters
2. String
In command sets, we can use data strings with the following characteristics:
Name: for graphics, soft fonts and forms.
Data: for fonts and bar code
The quotation mark character (") designates the beginning and ending of a
The backslash (\) character designates that the following character(s) is
literal and will be encoded into the data field. Please refer to the following

Based on their storage mediums, the command set has defined 3 kinds of Fonts.
- Internal Fonts
- Soft Fonts
- Externally Stored Fonts
1. Internal fonts
Five kinds of internal fonts reside within the printers ROM, and unlike soft fonts,
they cannot be deleted. Each font has a unique ID number.
ID # Font Size Comment
1 20 cpi, 6 pts
2 17 cpi,7 pts
3 14.5 cpi,10 pts
4 13 cpi,12 pts
5 5.6 cpi,24 pts Uppercase characters only
2. Soft Fonts
Soft fonts can be downloaded from the host through application software. If the
internal font cannot meet the requirements, soft fonts are another possible
Advantages of Soft Fonts:
- Saves memory space (graphics occupy more memory space)
- Better performance (may be called repeatedly)
- May carry out the automatic Increase/Decrease function
- Similar to internal fonts, they can be scaled, rotated or reversed
- May be saved into either RAM or Flash memory (permanent storage)
- May be deleted, when no longer required or the storage capacity is
Soft fonts may be downloaded, as per your individual needs. Each soft font has
a unique ID number. And based on the ID number, you may download, choose or delete
the soft fonts as required. The soft font ID number may range from A to Z.
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