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Century Systems Century Falcon 8 Spec Sheet
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Easy-Change Printhead
The Falcon 8 utilizes a 300 dpi printhead with print speeds up to 4 inches per second.
The Falcon 8 uses flat head printhead technology. The printhead’s wide design opens
perpendicular to the feed path making it easy to load media and clear the paper path.
In addition, the printhead simply snaps in. No tools are required to change the printhead.

Compact, Reliable, Robust
The Falcon 8 is compact and fits into limited spaces. The printer’s dimensions are 9.6
inches tall, 15.1 inches wide and only 7.1 inches deep. The Falcon 8 is also very robust.
Its casing is made of industrial strength steel which allows it to function in even the
harshest environments.

Media Features
The Falcon 8 printer has a self-center paper media guide which takes the guesswork out of
loading media. It automatically adjusts labels from the center outward to ensure proper
media loading. The center-loaded media path insures that media is pulled through evenly
and uniformly. This produces a sharp, clear image across the full width of the media.

User Friendly
The Falcon 8 operates under any host system using TPCL language. The Windows™ driver
allows the user to control the printer in a GUI (graphical user interface) environment. The
hardware uses green operating cues. These allow the operator to work the printer with
confidence. The Falcon 8 is very low maintenance which means less down time.
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