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Century Systems Century Eagle 4 Spec Sheet
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Easy-Change Ribbon with Optional Ribbon Save
The Eagle 4 is remarkably easy to load because of its two ribbon core design. The dual
belt-less linear torque ribbon motors virtually eliminate ribbon wrinkle. The Eagle 4 uses
near-edge technology and coated-side-out thermal transfer ribbons. Optional Ribbon Save
can decrease your company’s expenditures on thermal printing consumables.

Loading Labels is Easy
Loading labels is easy with the Eagle 4’s large removable label spool. The operator can just
slide the locking mechanism off, then slide the label spool off to reload. If an extra label
spool is loaded ahead of time, down-time is all but eliminated. The Eagle 4 can use roll,
die-cut, continuous, and fanfold labels, tags and tickets.

Self-Centering Mechanism and 2-line backlit LCD
The Eagle 4 has a built-in self-centering mechanism. The sensors are moveable from the
center to the left edge of your media and are both reflective and transmissive. The Eagle 4
LCD display is backlit and enables users to see messages clearly, even in the darkest

Advantageous Features
The Eagle 4 has several advantageous features. RFID capability is the newest option. The
printer also has a built-in internet server. The internet server enables remote adjustments,
e-mailed commands, printer e-mail responses, file downloads and XML programming.
The Eagle 4 also has basic command interpreter to run basic programs.
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