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1. System Requirement
¦ A computer system equipped with CPU of Pentium II MMX 200MHz or AMD K6 or above.
¦ An available USB port
¦ Operating System: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
¦ 32MB of RAM
¦ 40MB of free hard disk space
¦ A high color or true color display (16/24-bit display) is recommended
¦ CD-ROM drive
¦ A fax modem or ADSL is required for the applications of video conference and video mail.

2. Package Contents
¦ USB PC Camera set with 1.5 meter USB cable (Series A type connector)
¦ Removable swivel base and clip arm
¦ CD for User’s Guide, drivers and application software
¦ Instruction and specification paper pack

3. About Your USB PC Camera

Lens Focus
There is a lens mounted on the lens holder which is designed to get the finest tune of the camera’s focusing by slightly adjustment with your fingertips.

4. Hardware Installation
Your camera is an USB device for PC, which complies with Windows
Plug-and-Play rule. (Please refers to the Section 5: Driver Installation to keep
going the installation procedure)

Don’t face your camera directly to strong light source.
1) Place light source behind your camera and face it to object.
2) Use enough light.

5. Driver Installation
Power on your computer.
When completed, then plug in your PCC 800 Camera to USB port.
It will show “found new hardware”.
Insert the disk to CD-ROM.
Set the path to ‘d:\driver’, the ‘d’ is depending on the computer you have the ide device.
Follow the prompts to finish the installation.

5-1. Driver Installation Checking
If driver and hardware have been installed successfully, your USB PC Camera shall be recognized by Windows OS system, and you shall be able to see your camera appear on the list of installed devices.
Go to the icon of “My Computer” => “Control Panel” => ”System” => Choose “Device Manager” => Choose “Imaging Device”, you will see: “PCC 800 Camera”

If you don’t find your camera shown in this device list or there is a mark of “!” or “X” in front of “Imaging Device”, there must be some improprieties of failures in the installation processes. Please remove the installed driver programs and install again.
6. Application software installation
Please check “setup.doc” for detail application software setup procedure.

7. Remarks
7-1 Camera Driver Update
You are encouraged to update the camera driver through the services from your
dealer or supplier. If you get the updated driver, please follow the following
procedure to install the new driver.

Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Image Device and double click (USB
PC Camera)>Driver>Update Driver>Display a list of all

7-2 Uninstall Driver
If your USB PC Camera can not be recognized by Windows OS system after
successfully install the driver, it might cause by the confliction from the similar
products which installed before. Please use the following steps to uninstall it.

Start>Setting>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Imaging Device>
Remove “PCC 800 Camera”
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