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Exp PCMCIA Scanner - SCN300
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This file contains very important information that you should know
before installing Plug'n'Scan.

1. PCMCIA Software Information
If you have installed the PCMCIA software, such as SystemSoft's
CardSoft, then PCMCIA client driver will enable the PCMCIA
scanner interface card through the PCMCIA software. If you don't have
the PCMCIA software, the PCMCIA client driver will directly
access hardware to enable the PCMCIA scanner interface card. In this
case, Intel 82365 Personal Interface Controller(PCIC) or its compatible
controller is necessary for your computer.
2. PCMCIA Client Driver
During the installation of PCMCIA Color DS, a PCMCIA client driver will be
installed in to your computer and a device line that specifies the PCMCIA
client driver will be automatically added to the CONFIG.SYS file. The
PCMCIA client driver provides the IRQ level and I/O address for the scanner
driver. However, you may need to change the IRQ or I/O address setting to
avoid a hardware conflict.
3. Change Configuration Settings
In the CONFIG.SYS file, the correct syntax for the PCMCIA client driver
device line is as follows:

DEVICE=[drive:\][path-directory\]pcmcia.exe In Pn

[drive:\][path-directory\]: the drive and subdirectory where the scanner
river is located.

[In]: the IRQ level. The available n is 5, 7, 9, 10, 11(default), 12, 15.

[Pn]: the I/O address. The available n for I/O address is 228,
2A8(default) and 3A8.

4. Multiple Configuration
If your CONFIG.SYS is multiple-configured, it is necessary to move the
device line of the PCMCIA client driver to a proper section after the
PCMCIA software. Otherwise, the PCMCIA scanner interface card will not
be initialized properly.

5. Calibrate the Scanner
For best scanning result, we recommend that you calibrate the scanner
the very first time you use it. The calibration procedure involves
scanning a white sheet of paper and adjusting the Brightness Control
until you get a "Calibration OK" message. After this you don't need to
calibrate again until you notice a significant decrease in scan quality.

To calibrate the scanner, the steps are:

1. Set the Brightness Control of your scanner to the middle position.

2. In the Hand Scanner dialog box, click the "Preference" button. The
Preference dialog box appears.

3. Click the "Calibration" button and follow all onscreen instructions.

6. TWAIN Compliant
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