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1) Installation of CardWare for Windows NT
2) Loading CWNT Drivers
3) Write Performance of Storage Cards
4) CWNT Components
5) Compatibility With Windows NT Versions
6) IMPORTANT: Platform-Specific Information
7) Release Notes
8) Using SRAM Cards With CardWare
9) Using Flash Cards With CardWare
10) Operating in Silent Mode
1) Installation of CardWare for Windows NT
The Windows NT Setup utility (SETUP.EXE) installs CWNT on your system.
Remove all PC Cards from their sockets before starting SETUP.EXE.
Note that you must reboot your system after Setup finishes to load CWNT.
2) Loading CWNT Drivers
After installation, all drivers load automatically during system
startup. Utilities in the CWNT directory (default \Program Files\CWNT)
can be used on demand.
3) Write Performance of Storage Cards
To increase performance, Windows NT uses a Write Delay Cache. Unfortunately,
Windows NT doesn't disable the write Cache for removable media (such as
PC Cards), thus causing lost data if the media is removed before the
cache for the drive is flushed. To prevent this situation for drives it
handles, PCDISK by default disables the write cache. Operating without cache
seriously affects drive performance (approximately by a factor of 3).
If you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, you can increase write
speed (by this approximate factor of 3) by enabling the write cache:
- For the current session only: Enter "PCDISK /WC:on" at the DOS prompt
You can disable the cache again by entering "PCDISK /WC:off" at the
DOS prompt.
- Permanently: To the value CommandLine located in the key
add the string '/WC:On' at the end. Then reboot the workstation.
- Easy alternative method: The PCDISK Properties dialog box offers
checkboxes for both the current session and for permanent reconfiguration.
Simply check the desired option.
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