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Envoy Data SDDL
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-NT
Size Driver
File Name
The floppy diskette contains the device drivers and utilities for the
following Operating Systems:

Windows 95
Windows NT 4.00
DOS/Windows 3.x
= Disk Contents

= Windows 95/NT Installation
- Installation
- Upgrading
- Formatting
- Drive Letter Assignment (Windows 95 ONLY)
- Accessing PC Cards

= DOS/Windows 3.x Users
- Installation
- Utilities

= Drive Specifics and History
- Updates

= Feedback and Technical Support

= Disclaimer

Insert installation diskette into your 3-1/2 inch drive. This will
typically be drive A (or drive B). On the system menu bar, click START,
then select RUN, and enter "A:\SETUP" (or "B:\SETUP") without the quotes,
then press ENTER.

During installation, the utility "CARDINIT.EXE" will be placed in the
Windows directory.

The system must be rebooted after running the installation program.

If you are running a BETA or older version of the device driver, remove
the device driver and re-install the new version of the driver. You will
then need to restart Windows for the change to take effect.

Windows 95/NT may not be able to properly handle unformatted media in
SCSI subsystem devices. If a storage device does not have a proper format,
the system may lock up. The Accent, SDDB, SDDL, and SDDR device drivers have
been written to shield Windows 95/NT from an unformatted PC Card. The
drivers will report the card as a 4 MB write-protected SRAM card. A
single file will exist on the card: "$$[model].txt" or "[model]nt.txt"
(for example, the Accent file would be "$$accent.txt" and the SDDL file
would be "SDDLNT.TXT"). This file is write-protected (nothing can be
written to it). Open this file for more information about the problem.
If it is a problem with the card, the card must then be re-initialized
with CARDINIT.EXE before further use.

CARDINIT.EXE is a formatting utility used to initialize SRAM and ATA PC
Cards in the Accent, SDDB, SDDL, and SDDR. CARDINIT.EXE does NOT have
to be run for cards that are already formatted. The utility should detect
the technology (SRAM or ATA) and the capacity of the PC Card. Click on
"Initialize" to perform the format.

If the Initialize button is disabled (grayed-out), then the card is not
recognized. There could be a problem with the card. Try re-formatting
the card in a different drive or system.
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