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TrueFFS for Windows-95 User's Guide

1.1 Introduction

TrueFFS-95 is TrueFFS for Microsoft's Windows-95: A new
version of M-Systems' TrueFFS Flash File System
supporting the FTL standard data format.
In keeping with the spirit of Windows 95, TrueFFS
breaks all ties with real-mode DOS, and is a true 32-
bit protected mode VxD. TrueFFS-95 works in
coordination with the protected-mode Card Services &
Socket Services, with the plug-and-play configuration
manager and with the Windows-95 I/O Supervisor.
To TrueFFS for Windows-95 are attached several
utilities: TFORMAT to format Flash cards, and TCHECK to
verify and correct the TrueFFS format.
At installation time, these utilities are copied to your
\WINDOWS\TFFS95 directory.
The utilities are console applications, which means that
they have the general appearance of DOS commands, and
will run in what appears to be a DOS box (although in
fact they are Win-32 applications).

1.2 Requirements & Compatibility

A PCMCIA adapter that is supported by Windows-95 Card &
Socket Services. It is assumed that the PCMCIA adapter
was properly configured and that Windows-95 Card
Services is accessing PC cards on it.

TrueFFS-95 works with:
Intel Series-2 PC cards
Intel Series-2+ PC cards
Intel Value-100 PC cards
Intel miniature cards
AMD Series-D PC cards
AMD miniature cards
Fujitsu Series-D PC cards
Fujitsu miniature cards
M-Systems D-Series, V-Series & S-Series PC cards
M-Systems Series-2000 PC cards
Static RAM cards

This version of TrueFFS-95 has been tested and is compatible
with all Windows-95 retail releases, OEM service releases
and Windows-98 beta releases dated Sep 97 or earlier.
1.3 Installation

Follow these steps to install TrueFFS/95:
1. If you have not yet read the "Requirements" section
above, please read them now.
2. Is your PCMCIA socket installed ? If not, or you do not
know, refer to details on PCMCIA Socket installation in this
section below.
3. Insert the disk with TrueFFS installation files into a
4. Remove any Flash memory cards from the PCMCIA slots.
5. From the Windows-95 display, open "My Computer" on your
desktop or open the Windows Explorer.
6. Open the disk with TrueFFS installation files.
7. Click with the right mouse button on the file Trueffs.inf.
You will see a menu.
8. In the menu choose "Install" and click on it.
9. After Windows-95 finishes copying installation files you
are ready to work with Flash Memory Cards.
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