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(1) Before connecting USB port, please insert any kind of Flash Card what you need into the slot. Please remember you only can
@ put one kind of Flash Card into slot once.
(2) Then, please plug USB connector to PC after inserting.
(3) You could start to use the The USB Card Reader. The "Removable Disk" icon is supported for one kind of Flash Card what you
@ inserted.
(4) If you want to use the other kinds of Flash Card, please unplug the USB connector first. Then, please follow up the step (1) &
@ step (2) again. For example, you are using The USB Card Reader on CF Card model. But you would like to access the Smart
@ Media Card or Multi Media Card.

Regarding the driver for Mac, we are developing the driver that all cards can be used simultaneously. The driver would be
@ available in near future. Please refer to our website for updated information.
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