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With the release of V1.02.07, FTDI has introduced a properties sheet which allows the user to change the
COM port number of a USB serial port.
From DeviceManager, select "View devices by type", then "Ports (COM & LPT)". Select the USB serial
port and click Properties. Select the "Port Settings" tab, then click Advanced. Choose the required COM
port number from the list and click OK.
If a modem is attached to the USB serial port when the port number is changed, it will continue to work
under the new port number.
If a modem had been attached to the USB serial port but was not attached when the port number was
changed, it will not work when re-attached under the new port number. In this case, the modem must be
removed from the system and re-installed.
In general, if there are devices in the system which have been attached previously to the USB serial port,
they may not work after the port number has been changed. If this is true, remove the device from the
system and re-install it.
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