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1) ISDN Characteristics
2) Installation
3) Driver update
4) CAPI 2.0 Driver
5) WAN Miniport Driver
6) Notes for using PCMCIA Adapter
7) Power Management
8) Operation on Multiprocessor Platforms
9) Technical Support

1) ISDN Characteristics
- Common ISDN API (CAPI) version 2.0 Driver
- Wan Miniport Driver (32 Bit)

D-Channel Protocols Supported
- Europe: Euro-ISDN (DSS1), Q.SIG
- USA: NI-1 (Auto Spid Detection), 5ESS, DMS-100
- Japan: INS64
- Australia: TPH1962

B-Channel Protocols Supported
- Bit Transparent
- HDLC Transparent
- ISO 7776 (X.75 SLP)
- T.90 NL with compatibility T.70 NL
- ISO 8208 (X.25 DTE-DTE)
- X.31
- T.30 for FAX group 3
- T.30 for FAX group 3 with extensions
- V.110 asynchronous operation
(auto detect 9600 Bit/s, 19200 Bit/s, 38400 Bit/s)
- V.110 synchronous operation (56 kBit/s)
- V.120 asynchronous mode
- Modem V.34 (max. 28800 Bit/s)

The driver supports FAX sending and receiving with
max. 14400 Bit/s on both B channels.
The driver supports a modem emulation with a maximum bit rate of
28800 Bit/s on one B channel.

The processor load is important for error free FAX
and Modem transmission. In case of disturbed data
connections please select a lower transmission rate
in your application or avoid the parallel using of
FAX resp. Modem with other applications.

2) Installation
In a Windows 2000 enviroment the DataFire boards
are automatically detected by the hardware wizard. This
software starts the ISDN wizard (part of the Windows
2000 system) and the installation will start.
To install the driver software for the DataFire adapter simply
follow the steps displayed on the screen.
For further details please refer to the manual for your DataFire board.
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